Just because we’re expert cannabis marketing specialists, that doesn’t mean we sit in the office all summer long. For some of us, a day at the beach, hiking, or even camping are on the menu.

As such, we’ve gotten pretty savvy in knowing the best ways for enjoying weed in the great outdoors.

So if you’re also an outdoor enthusiast and weed smoker, you should be aware that there are a myriad of products made just for you.

Enjoying Weed in the Great Outdoors

Kicking back and enjoying cannabis is a great way to feel even more connected with nature.

If you’re more of a toker than an edibles-lover though, you’ll want to consider the following products that are both useful and Earth-friendly.

  1. Lighter Leash

If you love taking your smoking on the road but have never heard of a lighter leash, it’s time you did.

A lighter leash is nothing more than a lighter that hooks to you or your bag so that you always know where it is. Not only is great for a quick grab when you’re toking, but it’ll also come in handy for various camping needs.

Plus, by keeping your lighter with you, there’s no chance it’ll end up in the hands of a child or an arsonist looking to make the 6pm news.

  1. Pocket Ashtray

Don’t you love coming across butts when you’re out in nature, setting up camp, or walking on trails? Of course you don’t. And don’t think for a second that a joint butt is better than one from a cigarette.

Not only do they detract from the beauty of nature, but they’re also a fire hazard. (That arsonist is keeping an eye on you.) So what should you do instead? Stock up on pocket ashtrays. These little smell-proof and storable pouches are a great way to stash your cannabis remnants so you can properly dispose of them once you get home.

  1. Waterproof Cannabis Bag

Even if you’re not a river or lakeside enthusiast, it never hurts to have a waterproof weed bag. Especially if you’re planning a long hike or a few days in the woods. Nothing like a heavy rain to put a damper on your pot party.

You’ll want one with multiple compartments where you can store different strains, if you’re into that kind of thing. And if not, then you can drop some edibles or concentrates in there. Whatever the case, you can’t go wrong with a waterproof bag.

  1. Wooden Pipe

No outdoor smoking kit is complete without a good wooden pipe. Sure, they come in all sorts of designs and styles to fit your aesthetic preferences. And many have swivel lids so you can keep your flower packed and ready to go.

But they’re also eco-friendly. Ya know. Because they’re made of wood.

  1. Keychain Grinder

Another thing you could put in your waterproof bag is a full-sized grinder for your weed. But who wants to do that? Especially if you’re only going on a day trip to the beach or a park.

Fortunately, someone with a truly brilliant mind (an/or some time on their hands) invented the keychain grinder. It’s small, lightweight, attaches to your keychain, and gets the job done when you just need a little on the go.

Plus, it’ll render grinding your weed before you go unnecessary so you can enjoy more time having a good time. And isn’t that what it’s all about?

Are Your Marketing Needs Met?

Yeah, sure. Having a good time IS what it’s all about when enjoying weed in the great outdoors.

But if you have a cannabis business, you know it isn’t all fun and games. And you need professionals on your side if you want to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

So if you’re not getting the exposure you need, then contact us today. We believe in the power of cannabis and have been in the marketing and public relations game for a long time. Let us help.