Every business needs the right exposure to the right audience and a properly designed and executed public relations campaign can accomplish both of these tasks.  However, key elements of a good PR campaign are the experience, the relationships, and the knowledge of the agency that is helping your organization.  Let’s explore why businesses in the Cannabis Industry seek out the public relations services of GROW Cannabis Marketing:

Deep Experience Matters

Our Founder, Mort Meisner, has over 35 years in the news media as a major decision maker at network O&O TV stations that give us a unique perspective on what pitches work best for businesses in the Cannabis Industry.  In related public relations activities we currently work with or have worked with:  Whole Foods, Tim Hortons, Owens Corning, Dana Corporation, and numerous healthcare providers, Universities, entertainers, lawyers and businesses that have the desire or need to enhance their public image.

Public Relations Services

Key services that we provide in public relations campaigns include, but are not limited to:

  • Media Buys (TV, print, radio, and online)
  • Reviews by writers
  • Special TV segments
  • Story placement
  • Crisis management
  • Video creation and production
  • Social Media advertising and management
  • Media and interview training

Why Cannabis Business Clients Hire Us

GROW Cannabis Marketing is uniquely qualified at analyzing a business in its market place and quickly implementing a strategic campaign that creates a win-win scenario.  Several dozen of our clients can attest to how this process has worked to either enhance their overall brand, or, overcome a crisis of the highest magnitude.

How to Get Started

If your organization finds itself in need of experts in delivering successful public relations campaigns, then they are right in your midst.  Contact Mort or Mark Meisner today at (313) 5389-GROW or info@growcannabismarketing.com