Does your new year resolution include working out more? Then you may want to get fit with STIIIZY.

STIIIZY is not just a cannabis company. It’s flawlessly promoted as a lifestyle brand. So to promote healthier living through cannabis, they’re offering some pretty amazing incentives.

Are you ready to approach working out in a whole new way?

Cannabis and Working Out

Despite the stereotype of smokin’ a doob, pigging out, and crashing on the couch, there’s a new wave of cannabis users who have discovered the benefits of using cannabis and working out. Given the many strains that actually boost energy, it makes sense.

Maybe you’re already on the cannabis-workout train. If so, you’re not alone. In fact, around 70% of those who use cannabis before working out report that it makes exercising more enjoyable. And it could be that there are specific chemical interactions at play.

For example, the phenomenon known as a ‘runner’s high’ originates in the endocannabinoid system. As discovered in a 2003 study, all exercise-induced euphoria does. After having volunteers run or cycle in a lab, researchers found elevated levels of the endocannabinoid molecule anandamide in their blood. Given that cannabis targets these same receptors, it may be that using cannabis before a workout could jumpstart that happy feeling.

Meanwhile, on a purely practical physical level, intense physical activity can trigger a flood of chemicals known as cytokines. Some of these cause the inflammation that presents as soreness the  next day. Cannabis may help with lessening that inflammation.

Get Fit with STIIIZY

So while your resolution may be to work out more, STIIIZY’s new year resolution is to redefine the way folks consume premium cannabis. And it’s going to benefit you.

The multistate premium company is giving away some incredible prize packages to ten lucky winners including a 1-year fully paid local gym membership, a smell-proof deluxe STIIIZY Duffel Bag valued at $400.00, a variety of STIIIZY cannabis products, a STIIIZY BIIIG Battery, plus STIIIZY apparel including shirts, hats, sweatbands and more.  The value of each STIIIZY prize pack is valued at over $1000.

All entrants need to do to qualify is go to and  fill out the form to enter to win. No purchase is necessary. Entries are also accepted at all three STIIIZY retail locations in the state – still no purchase necessary.

If you’re interested in doubling your chances, post a photo on social media that spotlights how you use cannabis products to help motivate and participate in health and wellness activities. Your post must include the tag #GETFIIIT and @STIIIZYHEADQUARTERS to qualify. One post per day is accepted and the promotion ends January 31st.

Let Go of the Stereotype

“Here at STIIIZY, we know that the Cannabis stereotypes of the past are just that, and these dated stigmas prevent many people who would benefit from cannabis’s therapeutic, motivational and medicinal properties,” says Ryan Jundt, managing partner of STIIIZY who’s leading the Midwest expansion.

“We’re seeking to change these stigmas with our #getFIIIT campaign, which promotes using our sativa-leaning cannabis products, which are known for their uplifting and motivational effects, to get active and healthy. We also want to shed light on the many medicinal benefits that cannabis provides.”

Happy 2023!

We hope your new year is going well and that you take this opportunity to get fit with STIIIZY!

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