GROW Cannabis Marketing provides a complete suite of customized marketing services designed to elevate your company brand both online and offline.  Explore below our customized marketing services, and, how the combination of a properly designed marketing campaign that includes public relations can help position your company as the industry leader.

Custom Marketing Strategies and Advertising Services

  • Product placement and pricing models
  • Identify and research market trends
  • Strategic placement of TV, Radio, Social Media, Billboard, and Online advertising to targeted and nationwide audiences
  • Development of strategic ideas for branding, product placement, and customer call-to-action
  • Digital marketing that includes:  search engine optimization, blogging, online advertising and media buys, content marketing, broadcast email marketing, and social media marketing.

Brand Positioning and Development

  • Development of brand taglines and memory hooks
  • Identification of top markets for brand, product, and service placement
  • Creation of elements that generate a strong customer call-to-action

Combine Marketing with Public Relations

When combined with effective marketing activities, a public relations campaign craft by GROW Cannabis Marketing offers unparalleled growth for your cannabis business.  We possess over 35 years of media experience and relationships that drive the required attention and exposure of your brand to achieve the results that you want.

How to Get Started

If your company is struggling to gain visibility and you are wondering about what to do next, reach out and contact Mort or Mark Meisner today at (313) 5389-GROW or for a complimentary consultation.