Seems everyone would rather shop online than step into brick and mortar stores these days. Online shopping is incredibly convenient.

And although marijuana retailers offer online purchasing, unless consumers pay for delivery, they are still required to go and pick up their purchases at the actual dispensary.

This is the perfect opportunity for dispensaries to bring customers into their store. After all, increasing foot traffic for cannabis retailers should be a high priority. So why aren’t they taking advantage of this?

Increasing Foot Traffic for Cannabis Retailers

As cannabis marketing specialists, we’re often asked by our clients how to compete with online consumer spending trends without breaking the bank. Here are three tried and true strategies we deploy.

  1. Collaborate with Other Businesses and Organizations

We always encourage cannabis retailers to keep it friendly with local businesses and organizations. Especially those that are dubious about the whole cannabis enterprise.

For example, the Greenhouse dispensary in Walled Lake, Michigan, collaborates with the Girl Scouts every year – giving them a place in front of their store to sell their cookies. It benefits both the store, the organization, and the consumers who may find the cookies especially appetizing after a nice cannabis experience.

Opportunities abound. Dispensaries could hire local musicians to play live music. Or collaborate with a bar to whip up CBD mocktails that customers can try. And, of course, events that support a local charity are also an effective way to bring in foot traffic.

Once the event is planned, it’s helpful to research reporters who cover local business news to promote the event. It’ll pique interest within the community and bring in local folks who are more likely to be return customers.

  1. Position Themselves as Wellness Experts

Cannabis branding is tricky. And it’s bound to keep presenting challenges.

To draw people into dispensaries who would otherwise just rather pick up their goods and be on their way, business owners need to have something that makes coming inside worth the visit.

We ask our clients to consider the reasons why shoppers would visit and what would they like to experience when they walk through the doors. Customers who are looking to reduce stress and/or pain want to feel they’ll get the help they need. So having a well-educated and friendly staff who can address these issues is crucial.

Once a relationship is established with customers, we might encourage the dispensary to host interactive events that address specific interests and needs. Bring in experts on a specific topic or offer ongoing “classes” on using marijuana for various conditions are just a couple of possible options.

  1. Turn the Dispensary into a Destination

The current trend in interior design opts for sleek and sterile. This is especially the case in restaurants where they want to turn around customers quickly. Make it uninviting and they won’t stay too long.

This is the antithesis to what dispensaries need to offer. So we encourage these businesses to pay attention to what’s important to the people living within the community. Then give them a place where the community feels welcome.

It could be something as simple as providing some comfortable chairs or outdoor tables where people can relax from the everyday stresses of life. They may provide cannabis literature to peruse or, in cases where the law allows, the dispensary may offer CBD drinks. If the budget allows, there may even be some redesigning in the works.

Whatever the case, when a dispensary establishes itself as part of the community, it’s far more likely to gain foot traffic than one that’s purely in to make a profit. Simple as that.

Looking to Draw More People to Your Dispensary?

Could your dispensary afford to have more a community presence? The bigger question is, can it afford not to?

Contact us today to find out how we effectively use marketing and public relations strategies to draw more foot traffic for cannabis retailers.