On Friday September 22nd, 2017, the Cannabis Legal Group held an all-day conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit on behalf of those interested in getting involved in the Medical Marijuana Industry in Michigan. The Cannabis Legal Group holds a conference of this magnitude multiple times a year in an effort to educate and inform people on all the legalities and processes involved with breaking into this growing industry.

The event began at 8 am and played host to nearly 75 Michigan residents eager to find their niche in the Medical Marijuana Industry as its rapid growth continues into 2018. At the event, Barton Morris and Craig Aronoff of the Cannabis Legal Group advised attendees on how to properly compose business plans and on how to follow all rules and regulations put in place by LARA (Licensing and Regulatory Affairs). Audience engagement levels were incredibly high demonstrating the power and persuasion of the Cannabis Legal Group’s words, and the audiences’ genuine interesting in positioning themselves as new entrants into the industry.

As the day progressed, the Cannabis Legal Group allowed various exhibitors to speak briefly about the services they offer and how they could help the conference attendees break into the industry using their services to create an advantage. First to speak was a solar energy company that demonstrated their ability to help potential growers save significant amounts of money on energy costs. Next to speak was GROW Cannabis Marketing’s own Mort Meisner. Mort briefly touched on the services offered by Grow Cannabis Marketing and then told a heartfelt and touching story about client little Bella, undoubtedly persuading the room to believe in the power of the services GROW Cannabis Marketing can garner. The final guest speaker was a representative of Precision Extraction Solutions. PES is one of the world’s leading extracting equipment providers, working with many of the industry’s largest processing companies to provide them with the resources to help differentiate themselves from the competition.

With another successful conference, the Cannabis Legal Group will continue to educate and inform those interested in breaking into Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Industry. At the conference’s culmination, satisfied attendees left with lots of information to ponder and positive information to use to position each and every one of themselves as potential difference makers in the industry.

With that, we give thanks to the Cannabis Legal Group for organizing such an informative and prolific event.