The race for the first cure for cancer might be on its way to the finish line. Researchers have been working with lab rats to see if cannabis based substances like cannabidiol will work to fight off cancerous cells.

This new research that is headed by Dr. Marco Falasca of Queen Mary University in London and Curtin University in Australia has been in the works for years and the research has been seeing some major results. The study has been concentrating on the cure for pancreatic cancer and whether or not CBD is a sufficient treatment. “Cannabidiol is already approved for the use in clinics in the UK, which means we can quickly go to test this in human clinical trials,” Falasca stated.

Falasca explains that if the effects that have been found in the lab rats can be found during the human trials, then CBD can be used in cancer clinics immediately. The research shows that lab rats with pancreatic cancer that were treated with CBD along with chemotherapy lived three times longer than the lab rats who were treated with only chemotherapy.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer throughout the world and around 60,000 people are diagnosed in the U.S alone. If it is found that CBD can help stop and regulate cancer, then this will be a huge step towards an actual cure. Amongst being one of the most common of cancers, Pancreatic cancer is also wildly deadly with there being an average of a 6 year survival rate with about a 1% survival rate at stage 4.

We already know that CBD helps with those with anxiety, depression, learning disorders such as ADD/ADHD, but if it found the CBD can also help with the prevention and repression of cancer, then this is just another step in proving that cannabis does way more good than bad.

Along with the progression in finding that CBD has been found to help reduce the mortality rate of different cancers, studies have also shown that CBD could be used as a medical therapy for the brain, breast, bladder, prostate and many others. With all this research being found, U.S. lawmakers may want to rethink their desire to ban and make all CBD and hemp products illegal nationwide.