It’s strange to think how far cannabis has come since the days of dime bags and film canisters. (Which is fortunate, considering that film canisters have gone the way of the dinosaurs as well.)

Now, there are cities and towns in the United States where you can find a cannabis dispensary more easily than a Starbucks. And cannabis has the exalted position of being not just a recreational product, but a medicinal one as well.

Given all of that, if you’re a cannabis business owner, then making your cannabis brand trustworthy should be job one. We’ll explore some strategies that we advise as long-time cannabis marketing experts.

  1. Provide an Education

Didn’t sign up to be a teacher? Too bad. Because as a cannabis business owner, you’re going to need to educate your customers.

If you have a dispensary, be sure your budtenders are both knowledgable and accurate with their information. New consumers will have a lot of questions and being able to give them answers will build trust and keep them coming back.

You also need to prove yourself online. Optimize your website to provide secure online chat for consumers. And incorporate a blog that’s regularly updated with original and syndicated content that establishes you as a leader in the industry. A regular blog will also boost your search engine results.

Finally, be sure your site is mobile friendly too. A lot of potential consumers search on their phones while they’re out and about. You don’t want them to pass you over as they’re physically passing you by.

  1. Practice Patience

As we mentioned above, you’re likely dealing with a lot of newbies and first-timers. They need a little hand-holding and guidance. So along with being knowledgable, you and your employees also need to be friendly and patient. Get to know your customers. Understand their likes and dislikes. Recommend products specifically for them.

These rules apply for connoisseurs as well. Building trust with that demographic can be particularly challenging because they can be very discerning. So keep it informed, but friendly.

  1. Don’t Scrimp

The adage “you get what you pay for” is apt in the cannabis business. You may be able to get away with selling cheaper and lower quality flower with new consumers at first. But it isn’t going to be any sort of pathway toward building trust.

As they become more sophisticated in their tastes, you can be sure they’ll start exploring other businesses with better product. This isn’t to say that you can’t offer product with great value. Just be sure it’s also high quality.

You want consumers to remember your business for its dedication to that quality.

  1. Give Them What They Came For

If you haven’t already found this to be the case, there are many consumers that stick with the same product or family of strains each time they come to your business. You want to be aware of these consumers and keep things consistent for them so maintain solid working relationships with your vendors.

And not only do these customers want the same product, but they anticipate a positive experience each time too. Be sure your staff is fully trained on company values and processes to also keep this aspect consistent.

  1. Do You

Having said everything we said above, at the end of the day, you want to be genuine and authentic.

Remember why you ultimately got into the cannabis business and then shape your brand, marketing plan, and training methods around that. There’s something for everyone in the world of cannabis. If you stay true to yourself, your fans will find you.

And chances are, they’ll stay with you.

Interested in Making Your Cannabis Brand Trustworthy?

Hint: The answer is yes.

Because the payoff in making your cannabis brand trustworthy is well worth the effort.

So if you’re ready to start making that effort, then contact us today. As pioneers of cannabis marketing, we’ve been in the business longer than most and know all of the ins and outs of the industry. We’ll get your brand noticed.