6-year-old Bella and Medical Cannabis

Public Relations/Crisis Management

For some years now, Mort Meisner and Grow Cannabis Marketing has been working with a wonderful little girl named of Bella Chinonis and her family. Bella suffers from a severe disorder that leaves her absent a very important chromosome. This condition causes her to have dozens of seizures each week leaving her with a very poor quality of life. To cope with this disorder and the frequent seizures, Bella’s family initially turned to traditional medicine where she was prescribed strong doses of Phenobarbital to help mitigate the seizures and the pain. While the Phenobarbital reduced the number of seizures Bella had, it also left her motionless; reducing her ability to function and interact with those she loved. Her family described her behavior and mannerisms on the Phenobarbital as zombie like. She was a shell of who they knew she could be.

After years of living with the debilitating side effects of Phenobarbital, Bella’s family made the decision to try Cannabis. When her Doctors at the University of Michigan Health System caught wind of their choice to use medical marijuana, they immediately discharged her as a patient. Simultaneously, with the use of Cannabis Bella and her family experienced a dramatic decrease in the number of seizures she suffered. Bella began to emerge as her normal self again, living a more active life, as every little girl has the right to. But she was still in need of medical care.

The National Patient’s Rights Association and the Chinonis family came to Mort Meisner for help. “I could not believe my ears when I heard the that Bella had been dismissed as a patient by the University of Michigan Health System for her use of medical marijuana,” said Meisner, “We will not stand for this.”

Results: Grow Cannabis Marketing immediately took action, working to establish Bella as the proverbial poster child for the benefits of medical marijuana. Literally, within minutes Meisner reached his media contacts at NBC News in Detroit. The same day, producers from NBC’s WDIV TV called Bella’s family for an interview and statement. The story aired that very evening on the primetime nightly news with viewership of 350,000. As a result the same neurologist from the University of Michigan Health System who had fired Bella and her family earlier in the week invited Bella back with open arms as a patient. The quick turnaround for Bella and her family underscores the power of the media and the impact Grow Cannabis Marketing can have. We make a difference for our clients.

To this day, Bella continues to use medical Cannabis to help lower her weekly seizure count. While Bella still struggles with her chromosomal disorder, she is able to live a more manageable and fruitful life thanks to medical marijuana.

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