Breathwork is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. In the vast majority of situations, breathing is always available and it doesn’t cost a cent.

Meanwhile, cannabis is also therapeutic. And in many ways, it can foster breathwork. So it makes sense that combining cannabis and breathwork would result in a wholly therapeutic outcome. Wouldn’t it?

Well, sometimes. We’ll take a look.

The Magic of Breathwork

If you’ve ever done yoga, Pilates, or marital arts, you’re probably already familiar with breathwork. Breathwork is comprised of exercises that teach practitioners how to consciously control the breath and use it as a tool.

There are many popular techniques employed through different practices. What they all have in common though is shifting the focus inward. These breathing exercises can help calm the mind for those struggling with stress, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, and even pain. Intentional breathwork can also enhance cognitive functioning and help to empower the immune system.

As a regular practice, breathwork delivers some pretty effective longterm benefits such as lowering depression and anxiety, improving sleep, lowering blood pressure, and even reducing cravings for tobacco.

These are a lot of the same reasons people use cannabis.

The Influence of Cannabis on Breathing

Breathwork is also referred to as mindful breathing. And it’s crucial in regulating the nervous system and keeping the endocannabinoid system in balance. But how does using CBD and/or THC affect the way we breathe?

For starters, the anxiety-easing properties of CBD can help people breathe more deeply and relax. This, in turn, enables them to get more from their breathwork practice.

Similarly, THC can activate cannabinoid receptors in the lungs and relax the bronchial muscles. This improves breathing. (It should be noted, however, that smoking marijuana on a long-term basis can have the opposite effect.)

Thus, combining THC and CBD with conscious breathwork could go the distance in enhancing each of them. But then again…

Bringing Together Cannabis and Breathwork

As usual, there isn’t much (i.e. almost none) research on this particular topic. And anecdotal experiences are all over the charts. That’s because each person experiences cannabis AND breathwork in their own unique ways.

For some, cannabis affects breathwork in the way we mentioned above. It inhibits the chattering mind and offers up a deeper somatic experience with fewer distractions.

Yet for others, bringing together cannabis and breathwork can be likened to a psychedelic journey. Done mindfully and in the right way, this could be a desired effect. On the other hand, it could end up being too intense an experience.

It’s important to remember that breathwork can impart uncomfortable physiological effects like dizziness, excitability, or lightheadedness. As such, it may not take as much cannabis to get the same effects. So striking the right balance of breathwork, cannabis dosage, set and setting can take some work.

At this point, those who’ve experimented with combining marijuana and breathwork recommend consuming cannabis by other means than smoking. Starting with a small dosage through vaporizers, tinctures, or edibles is most advisable.

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