If you’ve heard the buzz around the cannabis industry, then you know that many recreational marijuana businesses are struggling.

With a glut of product and falling prices as a result, companies are attempting to stay afloat in the midst of closures and layoffs. So the fact that STIIIZY Ferndale is looking to hire is a bright light among it all.

And potential employees are being offered up to $18 per hour plus benefits.

What’s Happening With Cannabis?

Plummeting cannabis prices are wreaking havoc with not just cannabis growers and retailers, but also ancillary companies. Tech companies and delivery operators are shedding employees.

Part of the issue is that marijuana products are typically taxed at a far higher rate than most other goods. So on top of the challenges of much lower marijuana prices, these companies are trying everything they can to stay afloat.

Some are leaving retail to focus on cultivation. Others are opening consumption lounges to drive business back into their stores. Most are offering steep discounts that take a bite out of their profits. It’s a bloodbath.

That’s not the case for California-based STIIIZY though.


STIIIZY is a lifestyle brand that prides itself on providing “cannabis for the culture.” But more than that, it also manufactures and sells skateboard decks, a clothing line, and cannabis paraphernalia with the STIIZY logo.

On August 27th, they opened their first store outside of California. The first 100 customers were rewarded with either a free STIIIZY Ferndale engraved giant bong or an engraved battery, as well as a STIIIZY Detroit shirt. Others enjoyed different promotional items, deep discounts, free food, and refreshments.

The STIIIZY consumer experience ensures customers who come through their doors have no wait time in the lobby. Rather they’re able to go immediately into the store after check-in and begin exploring the vast selection of STIIIZY and other name brand products.

They are then served by one of the more than 60 STIIIZY budtenders in a safe and efficient no-touch atmosphere while being provided the best products, value, and prices in the state of Michigan.

STIIIZY Ferndale Is Looking to Hire

And now STIIIZY Cannabis Company needs to hire 200 workers immediately for their manufacturing facility located in Orion Township. This is great news for those in the cannabis industry who may have been laid off elsewhere and want to get on board with a revolutionary “national” company with some serious chops.

The positions that need to be filled are associate positions where workers will be responsible for producing blunts, joints, and pods. The facility is currently expanding to include the production of gummies and other products. STIIIZY is offering up to $18 per hour along with benefits after 90 days and the need is immediate.

If you’re interested, check out the hiring event on Saturday, September 17th at Ferndale Maize Manufacturing Facility at 163 Premier Drive in Orion Township, MI. The event runs from 10am to 1pm.

Please send resumes to mioffice@shrynegroup.com or call (248) 805-4239.

Curious About Other Happenings?

Now that you know that STIIIZY Ferndale is looking to hire, you may be able to either re-enter the industry or start brand new.

And if you’re always on the lookout for new information about what’s happening in the world of cannabis, keep checking back with our blog.