One would think that most anti marijuana groups are exactly that: anti marijuana. A political action committee called, The Committee to Keep Pot out of Neighborhoods and Schools dropped their original initiative of keeping pot illegal and off the streets and instead are pushing for marijuana legalization. Although this committee is now fighting for legality of marijuana, they are now pushing for strict regulation if the law passes. The committee is hoping that if there is regulation, then recreational use will be as stringent as the medical marijuana industry.

Committee spokesperson, Mark Fisk, is coming to grips with the reality of marijuana becoming legal for recreational use. The legalization of marijuana, “Will be a reality in Michigan. Initiatives have been approved in 29 states and polling has been very strong.” Fisk also stated, “Regardless of our feelings on the issue, the question now is how to regulate and control recreational marijuana.” The want for reform and regulation on recreational marijuana use may be becoming a bit extreme. Many republicans, along with this committee, want to see recreational use just as strict as medical marijuana use, but if marijuana is open to the public, how is this strict regulation going to work?

There is a time to stop fighting a reality and the time, at least for The Committee to Keep Pot out of Neighborhoods and Schools, is now. The more legislature waits, the more people try and shut this oncoming reality of legalization out, the more unnecessary arrests happen and lives are ruined. The Michigan legislature has until June 5 to decide what they’re going to do with the marijuana proposal.