Having trouble figuring out marketing for a cannabis business?

If so, it’s not surprising.

There are some pretty stringent rules about where and how you can advertise cannabis. And this includes legal CBD products.

Plus, the penalties you face if you break these rules can haunt you for a long time. So what are you supposed to do?

Marketing for a Cannabis Business Is Challenging

So you’re just going to have to get creative.

But if you’re in the business of selling cannabis products, this won’t be a problem. You already possess the creative pioneering spirit that got you here in the first place.

So we’re going to offer up some surefire methods that will help you make a bigger name for yourself.

1. Buy a Billboard

If you live in a state where at least medical marijuana is legal, you’ve more than likely seen billboards advertising provisioning centers.

It makes sense. Billboards are big and bold.

In addition to static billboards, there are also digital billboards and other screen-based advertisements (known collectively as digital out-of-home (OOH) marketing) that serve as highly visible placements for cannabis brands.

Marketing agencies and media companies can get you started on this. It’s about, as the old adage says, “location, location, location.”

But it also needs to be fueled by the power of good creative too. So be sure you understand the limitations on what you can and cannot show. A company specific to cannabis marketing can guide you.

2. Invest in Solid Public Relations

It’s not uncommon for those new to marketing for a cannabis business to have to choose between advertising and public relations. Cash can be tight at first.

If you’re faced with that choice, remember that media coverage is worth its weight in gold. In other words, go with public relations.

Having an article about your company on an industry or news site is going to build some serious credibility. It’s also going to gain you search engine optimization.

Just be sure to hire a firm that focuses on cannabis. They know how to work around the unique restrictions of the industry.

3. Embrace the Power of the Blog

Speaking of search engine optimization

If you don’t have a blog, get one. And if you do have a blog but aren’t taking advantage of it, it’s time you did.

Your blog is like an extension of you. It adds a personal touch to your marijuana business. Whether you write it or hire professional bloggers, having a well-crafted blog is a way to share your passion and prove your knowledge of the product.

Plus, search engines key in on your words. So offer thought-leader articles with a lot of practical advice. You can even augment your posts with video.

All it takes is a good phone to create a five-second commercial you can save as a .gif or mp4 and then post onto your blog.

4. Sponsor Someone or Something

If you have a little more capital to play with, sponsoring is a wonderful way to not only help empower the industry, but to get your name out there as well.

Keep an eye out for cannabis trade shows and conferences. Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCBE) is one of the bigger ones. Or reach out to a local team who embraces cannabis and would be open to having your logo on their uniforms.

There are even sports stars, musicians and other celebrities who are willing to put your message out there in exchange for sponsorship. For example, MMA fighter Liz Carmouche is sponsored by HempMeds.

5. Let Your Swag Advertise

Falling in line with having your logo on a local sports team, what about getting some quality t-shirts printed with your logo?

You can hand these out at trade shows, conferences, or even at your place of business. Then when people wear them out in public, they’re like human billboards advertising your business.

6. Seek out Weed-Friendly Networks

Is there such a thing?

With Facebook and Google banning cannabis ads, and CBS putting the kibosh on any marijuana ads during the Super Bowl, it can feel like networks discriminate against marijuana.

And that’s because they kinda do.

Because until federal prohibition is lifted, some companies are steering away from what they fear could create problems for them.

Fortunately, there are a few advertising networks that actually want your cannabis company display ads. Sure, you won’t reach the mainstream audience. Not yet, at least.

But these cannabis-friendly ad networks allow you to target your campaign to the audience you specify. You can even do this by state, region, and/or zip code.

So it’s a start.

Ready to Make a Name for Yourself?

There’s no arguing that marketing for a cannabis business is a unique challenge.

Especially while things are in flux.

So if you’re looking for expert marketing and stellar public relations related purely to cannabis, then contact us today.

We’re fellow pioneers in the industry. So let’s travel this path together.