Cannabis use is obviously not confined to men – though they do make up two-thirds of the market.

Even so, women are not shying away from using it.

So how are women’s cannabis preferences different from men’s?

It might seem a pointless question.

But cannabis businesses would be smart to pay attention to what this important one third of the market is looking for in their cannabis experience.

Flower Power

If you’re one for stereotyping, then you might assume that “flower” is at the top of the women’s list. And it is.

Well, ha! It’s at the top of the men’s list too. Men hold over half of the category share. But they only hold the majority by a small margin.

The Pen Is Mighty

Vape pens come in second on the men’s preference list. But once again, they hold the same place with women too.

And men edge out women in category share by an even smaller margin on this one.

So up to this point, it seems that women and men are in the same cannabis camp. But there are some different activities going on in the women’s tent.

Concentrates and Pre-Rolls Are out

Men love concentrates. Women, not so much.

In fact, their spending on concentrates dropped 15% last year. Pre-roll spending dropped off even more at 18%.

So then where is their spending focused?

Edibles, Topical, Tinctures and Sublinguals

Here’s the deal. Women, in general, tend to be more concerned about their health and wellness.

This carries over to the cannabis market as well.

So it makes sense that they’d be stocking up on edibles, topicals, tinctures and sublinguals – particularly those with lower dosages. They’re looking less to get high, and more to get a better night’s sleep or experience less anxiety.

Women make up 58% of the edible category and 64% of the tinctures/sublinguals market. And they make up a whopping 68% percent of sales of topicals.

So while women were refraining from buying concentrates and pre-rolls last year, they were increasing their tincture and sublingual purchases by 42%. And topical sales shot up to 47%.

Women’s Cannabis Preferences Lean Toward Health

Armed with this information, cannabis businesses are beginning to gear certain products toward women.

For example, women favor CBD heavy tinctures and balms that target areas of inflammation while providing healing and calming effects. So it’s showing up more on shelves.

Then there’s a company in Colorado that manufactures vapor pens that are scientifically formulated for women, by women – providing lower dosage options that still aim to deliver a mellow feeling.

And finally – speaking of stereotypes – there’s chocolate. While there is no scientific evidence that women crave chocolate more than men, they do claim the lion’s share of chocolate edibles.

Battle of the Sexes

Obviously, there’s no specific product or category that’s exclusive to men or women.

But women’s cannabis preferences seem to point to lower dosages and more nuanced methods of consumption.

So it’s well advised for cannabis business owners to stay attuned to these preferences. As the population ages, there’s a good chance that women could just end up as 50% of the market.

Cannabis business owners are also well-advised to stay on top of their marketing and public relations. We’re cannabis marketing specialists.

So contact us if your current strategy could use a boost. We can help.