As the cannabis industry continues to explode, the demand for great workers also increases.

In their nearly constant search for a reliable workforce, what many cannabis business owners are finding is that veterans make great cannabis employees.

And we’re not just talking about working as bud tenders. In fact, veterans are stepping up to successfully work as growers, dispensary owners, policymakers, advocates, and even CEOs.

So What Makes Veterans Great Cannabis Employees?

It’s no secret that many veterans already have a personal history with cannabis. Marijuana is frequently prescribed to help with conditions that veterans experience including PTSD and pain.

Aside from that, by virtue of the fact that they’ve served in the military, veterans already possess skills that are transferable to the cannabis industry.

For example:

Sense of Humility

The military ethic teaches that you have to earn everything you get and that nothing is handed to you. Overly confident new recruits who step into the military realm are quickly broken of the illusion that they are special.

There is still so much to learn about cannabis and the industry at large. This requires an openness and acceptance among employees that there is so much they won’t know and will need to be schooled. And that requires humility.

Strength in Leadership and Adaptability

It is absolutely essential to know how and when to take the lead and step into action in the military. As such, the military places a premium on this when training their service members. Since cannabis companies can experience meteoric growth, they require folks who know how to step up to leadership roles and take initiative in order to grow the company.

In addition, during this period of hyper-growth, employees must also be able to adapt to change at any given moment. This means being able to stay up to date on constantly changing regulations and working within those parameters.

Ability to Be a Team Player

The military stresses the importance of the team when training members. They understand this is vital to the success of the mission. So veterans have this mentality well in place when they move into the cannabis industry.

That means that they are willing to perform tasks outside their given role if it means success for the team.

Fiercely Independent

Cannabis businesses need employees who are autonomous and action-oriented. Veterans are highly trained in this area. Upon entering the military, they were given a brief of the milestones and the end goal they were expected to reach. They were also informed that how they achieved them was completely up to them.

Understanding the Importance of Transparency

The safety and success of a military mission requires absolute honesty and open communication. The same can be said for the success of a quickly growing cannabis organization. And veterans are well educated in how transparency builds openness, trust, and a work environment that’s founded in honesty.

Seeking Top-Notch Cannabis Employees?

It’s clear that with their unique experiences and training, veterans make great cannabis employees. So when seeking future employees, be sure to not overlook this amazing resource.

And if you’re looking for expert cannabis marketing and public relations that will also give your company an edge, contact us today. We’ve been in the industry since its genesis and we know what works.