As the cannabis industry explodes, there’s a continued need for qualified and experienced employees. But given the newness of the industry, finding “experienced” employees doesn’t necessarily mean those who have worked in it.

That means cannabis business owners have to vet talent from other “related” industries. But what are those exactly?

And even more importantly, what are the skills cannabis companies seek in their prospective employees?

Top Skills Cannabis Companies Seek

As the industry grows and matures, there is always a need for legal professionals, accounting specialists, and marketing experts. The abilities, experience, and education connected with these transfer to the vast majority of industries.

The cannabis industry is no exception.

But when it comes to bare bone skills cannabis companies seek, the ability to make decisions is a big one. In order to take advantage of new opportunities, marijuana business employees must be able to make quick and confident decisions.

Adaptability and flexibility also sit high on the list. The cannabis industry is ever-changing. So it’s crucial to be able to take a look at failures and pivot appropriately in order to succeed. Cannabis leaders are seeking folks who thrive under pressure and demonstrate creative problem-solving skills.

Finally, there’s the need to be a team-player. Yes, performing as part of a team is key in most industries. But the cannabis industry is a huge collection of different kinds of businesses growing and evolving. Those in it must be able to cooperate and collaborate, while listening and being accountable to one another.

The Most Desirable Industries

So as we mentioned above, with the cannabis industry still in its infancy, most cannabis companies have to rely on employees with experience in other industries.

What are the most logical industries that carry over to the cannabis industry?

  1. Agriculture

It makes perfect sense that cannabis industry leaders are interested in those who have a background in agriculture. After all, cannabis cultivation isn’t really all that different from commercial agriculture.

They use similar technology, processes, and methods. So the transition from commercial agriculture to cannabis cultivation is an easy one.

  1. Retail/Hospitality

Given the popularity of marijuana, dispensaries are often fast-paced environments that require customer service-oriented individuals to keep things running smoothly.

Those who have experience in hospitality and retail are logical candidates for making the leap over to the cannabis industry.

  1. Food and Beverage

Much like the cannabis industry, the food and beverage sectors are also regulated. So it’s only natural that professionals have begun to migrate from these sectors to the world of cannabis. Some of the more established professionals are even exploring cannabis-infused products on their own.

  1. Pharmaceutical

Speaking of regulated industries, those who come from the pharmaceutical industry are well acquainted with adhering to strict rules and policies. They know the ins and outs of compliance and how to succeed in that context. As such, cannabis companies often seek candidates with experience in pharmaceuticals.

Interested in Working in the Industry?

If you’re looking for a change, there’s such a multitude of opportunities in the cannabis industry. There’s no time like the present to break in.

Now that you know the skills cannabis companies seek, you’re already ahead of the game. So go for it!

And if you’re a cannabis business owner and in need of better marketing and public relations, contact us today. We’re no newbies to the industry and know the tricks of the trade to get you noticed.