If you’ve taken a gander at the fuel pumps right now, you know the price of gas is no joke. Seriously. It’s not funny at all. So wouldn’t it be amazing to win free gas for a year!?

Of course, the obvious answer is yes.

But if not free gas for the whole year, you could still be looking at a $200 gas card in your future if you play your cards right.

So How Can You Possibly Get Free Gas for a Year?

As a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility in Burton, Michigan, UBaked knows all about the power of cannabis for easing pain. So now in the spirit of easing pain at the gas pump, UBaked Edibles is donating free gas for a year to one very fortunate person.

Could it be you?

Well, if you head on over to Green Genie medical dispensary in Detroit between now and April 20th, there’s a chance you could be the lucky winner.

How You Can Enter the Drawing

If you’re not already familiar, UBaked opened their doors in December of 2019. With their cutting edge facility, high standards, and superior quality product, they quickly set themselves apart from others in their field. They’ve now grown to supply approximately 75% of the dispensaries throughout Michigan with cannabis flower, gummies, chocolate candy bars, and more.

Green Genie is one such dispensary. And it’s the one you’ll want to visit for your chance to win free gas. Along with the possibility of free gas for a year, UBaked has also donated 12 gas cards worth $200 each.

To enter the drawing, visit Green Genie medical dispensary in Detroit between now and April 20th and purchase any UBaked product to receive an entry ticket for a chance to win. Each product has a different ticket value assigned to it. So one item might be valued at 1 ticket, while another will be worth 2,3,4, or even 5 tickets.

Green Genie is located at 24600 W. McNichols Road and the winner will be selected on April 20th at 4:20pm. (You get it.)

Don’t Miss This Great Opportunity

Who couldn’t benefit from $200 worth of gas – let alone free gas for a year?! Plus, you’ll be supporting two cannabis brands with a serious focus on giving back to the community.

So take advantage of this amazing chance to help the community while also helping yourself. It’s a true win-win.

And for more great stories about happenings in the cannabis industry in Southeast Michigan (and beyond), keep checking back with our blog.