Did you know that getting good press is one of the best ways to build a positive reputation in the cannabis industry?

After all, earning trust and establishing credibility isn’t the easiest thing to do in this business. Add in the heavily competitive nature of the industry and businesses can be easily overlooked.

But a stellar interview or publication in a respected journal can change all of that. And it’s the gift that keeps giving.

The Returns on Getting Good Press

The moment you make a showing in a well-known and respected media outlet or publication, you begin to position yourself as a leading industry expert. Others in your industry will take notice.

But landing an interview or making an appearance are just the beginning. There are so many ways to take advantage of good press once you’ve earned it.

1. Boost Your SEO Efforts

In the world of social media, sharing is caring. So once you’ve earned media coverage, let people know!

Hopefully you already have a blog in place to which your regularly contribute. So highlight any and all media coverage and link back to the story within the post.

And don’t forget to create more buzz around it by posting on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform. Maintaining momentum around the media’s interest in you will encourage fans and followers to become customers.

2. Include Your Coverage in Marketing Material

Just as you want to spotlight the coverage on your blog and all of your social media, your full story should also have a home on your website. And it should be prominently placed so visitors can easily find it.

In other words, be sure it’s on your home page. Potential customers like to see third-party validation about your services and products. It helps to build trust.

If you’re properly leveraging that initial coverage, you’ll eventually land other press too. At that point, create an “In the Media” page were you can showcase all of your media coverage. This will look good to potential consumers, while also creating backlinking for improved SEO.

Finally, take advantage of media coverage with any old-school marketing materials you have too. Be sure to put the logos of the outlets that have featured you on all of your brochures, in-store banners, posters for trade shows, and the like.

3. Become a Speaker at an Event

As you gain more credibility and establish trust through press mentions and media events, you’ll be seen as an expert in the industry. That means that people will want to hear what you have to say.

There are countless cannabis industry events every year and organizers are always looking for speakers. Once you’ve gotten some good press, you will be more desirable to the teams that vet applications for speaking at these events.

Then once you’re able to take the stage, you’ll be in the perfect position to educate audiences about your brand, your vision, and future developments for your company.  

What Can Good Press Do for You?

If you own a cannabis business, you understand the importance of building your brand and raising awareness of it every day.

So if you’re interested in seeing how good press can boost your brand, contact us today. Our early entry into the cannabis marketing realm is bolstered by a 35+ year history in the news media.

Simply put, we have connections others don’t.