Texas does everything big.

Their 2020 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival is no exception.

Held each year in Austin – the liberal bastion of the largely red state – SXSW is well known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of music, film, and technology.

This year, the festival will also celebrate cannabis with marijuana panels.

24 of them, to be exact.

150 Panel Proposals Submitted

When SXSW put out the call for panel ideas, there was no shortage of submissions. They then invited individuals to vote on their top choices to narrow it down to the current 24.

The sessions are all part of the “Cannabusiness” convergence track which will encourage folks to learn about the technological, cultural, financial, legal, and political ecosystems that define cannabis-focused enterprises.

In case you’re planning to head down to the Lone Star State to check it out, we’ll review some of the panels that look particularly promising:

Cannabis in Canada: What We’ve Learned

Panelists from Leafly, Tilray, Spiritleaf, 48North and Hill+Knowlton will discuss how marijuana legalization has worked out for our neighbors to the north in Canada. There will be talks about the impact legalization has had on local economies and industry innovation.

Medical Cannabis: From Rogue to Recovery to Riches

The evolution of the cannabis reform movement has been something to see. And it certainly raises questions about the future business and social opportunities for the industry.

A Texas state senator will join a panel of government, medical, and family activists to discuss the sometimes unexpected alliances that have formed, as well as collaborative strategies needed for commercial success.

Descheduling Cannabis: Be Careful What You Wish For

Not everyone who’s banging the “End Federal Prohibition” drum is necessarily on board with descheduling the drug.

Some leading stakeholders in the cannabis industry have concerns removing cannabis from the list of federally banned substances could easily open the door for a corporatized marijuana model.

Panelists who share this belief will address how descheduling could destroy the dispensary system and usher in the the destruction of millions of dollars of investment.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry is Colored

There will be several social justice-focused panels.

This event will look specifically at the actions people can take to ensure that the legal marijuana market is equitable. A description of the panel states, “The right and just thing to do for racially equity industry is also the profitable thing to do in business.”

Forbidden Territories: Women & Children First!

The use of cannabis to treat conditions that afflict women and children continues to be a taboo subject.

This session will explore the science that supports the use of cannabis for women and children, as well as what doctors and physicians have learned from their patients about cannabis.

Is Cannabis Media Coverage Fair or Biased?

How has media coverage changed for cannabis companies? What do they need to do to gain media attention?

This event will look at the media landscape for cannabis coverage, including how misinformation persists and the power of semantics in reporting. Among the panelists will be a reporter from Business Insider and contributor to Rolling Stone.

Hemp: Game Changers

The wild popularity of CBD products – not in spite of but precisely because of their lack of THC – has rendered hemp a quickly evolving new industry.

Representatives from Canopy Growth, Vincente Sederberg LLP, and outdoor apparel company Patagonia will discuss what’s happening in the world of hemp.

Head to SXSW to Celebrate Cannabis with Marijuana Panels

The above is just a sampling of how the Cannabusiness Track at SXSW will celebrate cannabis with marijuana panels.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced professional, there’s clearly a lot to be gained by hitting this festival. So pack up your Stetson and spurs, and shoot on down to Texas.

And if you’re really committed to making the most of your marijuana business, contact us today to get expert advice on cannabis marketing and public relations.

Stay relevant in this rapidly expanding industry.