As marijuana is becoming more obtainable and marketable, companies and different dispensaries are focusing on how to get product out quickly and efficiently. Services like online ordering for instore pick-up and home delivery is becoming a more popular trend here in Detroit. Dispensaries such as 420 Dank on Gratiot offer delivery and online services making obtaining medical marijuana a lot easier for those of who, who have a medical marijuana card.

Because of the popularity that marijuana delivery services is gaining, certain rules are going to be put in place for safety and regulatory reasons. The Bureu of Medical Marijuana Regulation has proposed that dispensaries (a.k.a provisioning centers) will be able to make home deliveries to registered patients through call in and online systems; so essentially getting your medical marijuana is just like ordering a pizza from Dominos.

Delivery services will be strict with how one goes about it. The delivery people must have registered medical marijuana cards, cannot under any circumstances leave the marijuana unattended and the customer must show valid identification along with the medical marijuana card.

A public hearing that will declare these new rules in effect will be held in September and an official date has not been established yet. These new rules will provide safe access for medical marijuana card holders; especially those who are unable to commute to a dispensary.