There are many ways to tell that autumn is coming. Yeah, it’s getting cooler and a few leaves are starting to change color.

But one of the biggest signs is the return of all things pumpkin and apple.

Inspired by the flavors of fall, the good folks over at UBaked in Burton, Michigan, have developed some amazing seasonal cannabis treats you can enjoy all through the autumn.

What Is UBaked?

UBaked is a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation and production facility whose quality products can be found in 75% of the provisioning centers throughout Michigan. This top tier facility provides a wide array of cannabis products including flower, concentrates, edibles and so much more.

Pretty impressive for a business that launched a mere two years ago in 2019. Especially given all of the challenges with scaling a cannabis business.

A big reason for their popularity is that consumers across the state and country know that marijuana from UBaked is a cut above the rest. The facility prides itself on meeting the highest standards for safety and purity. Their products deliver on quality and delicious flavors. Plus, they just really love the plant – in every way, shape, and form. All of this results in really amazing cannabis products across the board.

Add to that the new twist on seasonal flavors this year and a solid marketing campaign, and UBaked is establishing itself as a true leader.

What Are Their Latest Seasonal Cannabis Treats?

We say “latest” because the creative team is already busy formulating and implementing their special winter flavors that will hit the shelves soon.

But for now, if you have a hankering for pumpkin spice, skip the latté and try the pumpkin-spiced chocolate bars from UBaked instead. The gluten free delicacy is sure to make your day.

Then again, if apple cider is more your thing, you’ll be thrilled with their spiced apple cider gummies. These gluten free gummies are made with all natural ingredients. There are no added color dyes and they’re completely vegan (meaning there’s no gelatin).

The Spiced Apple Cider Gummies and Pumpkin Spiced Chocolate Bars from UBaked won’t show up at provisioning centers until Friday, September 17th. But once you find them, grab them. Because they’re only available for a limited time.

And keep in mind the benefits of consuming grow house marijuana like that from UBaked. Not only is it safe and pure, It’s properly labeled so you always know what you’re getting. And because of the size of their facility, they’re able to produce more product with less overhead. That means lower prices for consumers.

Finally, their products are consistent. So once you fall in love with that pumpkin spiced chocolate bar or delicious cider gummies, you can rely on each package giving you exactly what you need time and time again.

Enjoy Seasonal Cannabis Treats from Ubaked!

Tis the season… to partake in seasonal cannabis treats. You can find UBaked products by clicking here. So go ahead and indulge! Winter will be here soon enough.

And in the meantime, keep checking back with our blog to stay on top of all the cool things happening in the cannabis world.