The laws and regulations outlining how to obtain a marijuana business license are constantly changing. For a business to acquire a license, there are specific criteria that must be correctly completed. Each state has a different set of criteria, so applying for a license can be confusing and difficult.

An article from states there are multiple types of marijuana businesses, each with their own challenges, costs and regulatory requirements. These types include cultivation, product manufacturing, retail sales, delivery services, testing facilities, specialized equipment and technology.

They report if your applying for a marijuana business license, you must first decide what type of business you want to start, and then consider a couple of other things. You must consider the cost of rent, utilities, licenses, payroll and security. You must fit the residency requirements which usually require marijuana business operators to have residency in the state. You must not have a criminal record, in most cases. You must prepare to wait several months for licensing approval and you must consider investors and partners for your business.

An article from CBS Detroit states that February 15 was that last day for medical marijuana license applicants to submit their paperwork to Michigan. They explain how this was a pre-application that must prove the facility will have local approval before it can get a state business license.

They report that proposed facilities must stop operating if they did not apply by February 15, and if a business is denied a license or not issued one by June 15, they will have to face law enforcement.

As to what the future holds, CBS Detroit writes, “A five-tiered licensing system is being developed under a 2016 law that further regulated medical marijuana and aimed to address confusion.” They report this new law will impose a 3 percent tax on provisioning centers and establish a licensing system to grow, process, sell, transport and test marijuana. They state current rules will remain in effect until at least June or when permanent rules are finalized.