Legal cannabis sales topped $12 billion last year. And they’re expected to top $30 billion annually within the next four years.

That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Given marijuana’s wild popularity, it seems folks would be champing at the bit to work in the industry. So why is the Greenhouse offering bounty to new hires?

What’s Going on Here?

When owner Jerry Millen opened the dispensary doors to the Greenhouse of Walled Lake, he never dreamed he’d have challenges attracting and hiring new employees for his dispensary.

And like most of us, he also never imagined the country would face a pandemic.

Part of the issue is that cannabis businesses were placed in the category of essential businesses during the challenging year of 2020. That meant that unlike other industries that faced closing down, they were able to stay open and operational.

In addition, the stress around the pandemic drove up marijuana sales for those seeking some relief from what was being dubbed “the new normal.”

Companies like the Greenhouse that were in strong financial shape heading into the pandemic found themselves scrambling to hire additional workers in response to this robust demand for products.

Sounds Like the Perfect Situation, Right?

Nothing is perfect though.

While it was a blessing to be able to stay open while other businesses were going under, there were unique challenges that came with operating in the midst of a pandemic.

One was the fear of transmitting or spreading the potentially deadly virus. During the darkest days of the pandemic, provisioning centers were offering only curbside and delivery to keep people safe. Yet, many people were cautious to remain in their “social pods” and didn’t venture from them.

The second challenge was the ability of workers to collect unemployment. Again, while this has been a godsend for many who were and are trying to pay their bills, it has made it a challenge for businesses such as the Greenhouse who need able bodies back on the premises.

As jobless claims are on the increase, finding qualified workers continues to be a challenge. And Millen needs 20 qualified men and women into his store ASAP.

So Millen has come up with a solution.

Greenhouse Offering Bounty to New Hires

The preponderance of circumstances has left Millen’s stock rooms overflowing with product and not nearly enough employees to handle it.

So he is offering to pay a bounty of one ounce of cannabis (valued at $500) to new budtenders and other employees hired in the next 60 days.

This is on top of a competitive hourly wage.

“We need men and women who want to work in a great environment and be a part of one of Michigan’s fastest growing industries,” says Millen. “The Greenhouse of Walled Lake provides a great wage and an outstanding, fun work atmosphere. That’s why I am willing to pay this bounty to get the best people possible.”

How’s that for incentive?

Think You Might Be a Good Fit for the Greenhouse?

With the Greenhouse offering bounty to new hires, this could be the perfect time to get in (or BACK in) to the cannabis industry.

If you’re interested in joining the team, visit You can also email your resume to

And for all of the latest on what’s new in the cannabis industry, keep checking back with our blog.