Being a serious player in the cannabis industry is no joke.

Especially now as the industry is experiencing an explosive expansion. You gotta know how to play with fire.

As the industry continues to expand, there’s an increased calling for people who will be stewards to its growth. But these people have to have the know-how, experience and moxie to survive.

And working in the industry means more than just being a dispensary owner. Sure, that’s pretty awesome. But there are other cool jobs in the cannabis industry you may know nothing about.

A Look at Cool Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

With the exception of job #1, these jobs require skills and experience gained through other industries.

But it’s fascinating to see how this new industry is creating jobs wholly unique to it. And one of them might even be a consideration for you.

1. Budtender

When someone enters a dispensary, the budtender is often the first person they see. Though not (usually) in possession of a mystical staff or sporting long robes, think of them as the esteemed and wizened guides of the dispensary.

The budtender utilizes his or her knowledge of cannabis to guide customers and patients through consultations and to facilitate discussions about their needs. They’re also there to educate customers about the product and to lessen and ultimately remove any stigma around the plant.

If you’re a people person who’s a good listener and you’re the naturally curious type, you could land a job at a dispensary as a budtender. You don’t need to be a cannabis expert, but you should have basic knowledge under your belt and at your disposal.

2. Master Grower

So few are cut out for farming. It’s tough, grueling and often thankless work.

But some farmers who already have the practical skills and experience required to grow plants on a large-scale and commercial basis, are making the shift toward becoming master growers cultivating marijuana plants. And with some success.

If you’re considering this route, you should know it’s not all fun and games. Unless you consider cloning, climate, and light-cycle control; manipulating cannabinoids; water and nutrient scheduling; pest management; drying; product development and absolutely no guarantee that it’ll work out as fun and games. In which case, you’re golden.

3. Grow Facility Chief Operations Officer

There are business-minded folks who’ve found they can be part of the grow house without ever putting their hands in the actual soil. But managing a multilayer cannabis organization can still be dirty work.

Tracking sales, supervising employees and assuring quality control from seed to packaging to distribution is no easy feat. The COO needs

So if you have serious business chops and think you have what it takes to hobnob with politicians, ride out dramatic market-price swings and keep absolutely current with the ever changing regulations in this burgeoning industry, then you may have just found your newest business venture. Good luck.

4. Marijuana Edibles Chef

Spending the day making gummies, brownies, cookies and other baked goods might sound like the easiest job in the world. Not to mention a top-notch hoot.

But having what it takes to be a marijuana edibles chef means more than just stirring the cannabis into the batter. This ain’t your mother’s kitchen.

While technically the marijuana IS just another ingredient, you need to have a rock solid understanding of the plant itself. Then mix that in with a firm grasp of the business, blend in an undying passion for the work and then top it all off with an awareness of ALL the legalities, and you’ve got the makings of a marijuana edibles chef.

Not so easy, is it?

5. Marketing Field Manager

Have you ever been to a 420-friendly yoga class? If so, there was likely a marketing field manager behind arranging it.

Those in cannabis marketing wear many hats. But their biggest one (let’s say, sombrero) involves creating brand awareness by connecting consumers with cannabis products while complying with legal cannabis’s tough regulations.

As a marketing field manager, you’ll be right in the trenches. You’re out there measuring and recording real-time reactions from people using the product. Armed with this information, you make informed and valuable marketing decisions that will help determine the direction of future products. So if you’re more of a behind-the-scenes sort with a preference for a single hat, you need not apply.

6. Cannabis Lawyer

Cannabis-focused law firms are in high (no pun intended) demand.

Okay. Obviously, you can’t just jump into this job without already being a lawyer. We really hope that went without saying. And yet, for legal reasons, we said it.

Anyhow, cannabis lawyers are instrumental in setting up and establishing a marijuana business. They know everything from fund-raising to employment issues, structuring to government compliance. What we more affectionately term “the ins, outs and loopholes.”

If you’re already lawyering and are ALL about establishing a state-legal and professional cannabis industry – a notion that a mere ten years ago would be the conjuring of an LSD trip – then this could be your new focus. Plus, the more chill environment may well render your suits and ties useless.

Will You Be Part of the Revolution?

Obviously, you don’t need to have one of these cool jobs in the cannabis industry to be part of the revolution for change.

Cannabis is finally appearing in a brand new light. And it’s an exciting time to be in the industry – whether you’re on the production side, the distribution side or the consumer side.

All are welcome.