If you’re a big fan of CBD for its many benefits, then get ready to have your world further rocked.

As cannabis marketing experts, we’ve been hearing some buzz about the newest kids on the cannabis block – CBD crystals. And even though the word ‘crystal’ may stir up visions of a more sinister sort of drug, this stuff is completely innocent.


It’s odorless and tasteless. And there’s not a trace of THC to be found. Yep. For consumers who don’t particularly enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC – or for those who need to be able to pass drug tests – CBD crystals are the way to go.

What Are CBD Crystals?

Your garden variety CBD is generally derived from industrial hemp plants  that are cultivated in such a way to greatly reduce the amount of THC so there are no psychoactive properties. Upon extraction, the CBD resin is left as is and processed with a whole slew of other plant compounds.

And that’s all fine and good.

But the aim of CBD crystal manufacturing is to separate the purest CBD resin derived from the plant material. So the extracted CBD goes through an additional purifying process called winterization that filters out all of the other plant material.

Once all of that filtration is complete, you’re left with a fine white crystalline powder that is 99% pure CBD. All that crazy purity makes CBD crystals seriously potent. So once you start experimenting with it, just remember it’s not your grandfather’s CBD. Start small and build from there. One gram of crystal CBD contains around 990 milligrams of CBD. So keep that in mind.

How Does One Consume CBD Crystals?

CBD is best known for its anti-inflammatory and pain management properties. So consumers are demonstrating an increased interest in having access to the purest form of it. Fortunately, CBD crystals can be consumed in a number of ways:

  1. Dabbing

All the cool kids are dabbing these days and its very popular among younger adults. Even so, some of the old guard are trading in their bongs and heading out to buy dab rigs so they can get in on the coolness too.

  1. Edibles

As we mentioned above, crystal CBD, much like a collector of Hummel figurines, has no taste. This makes it so easy to add it to all your favorite baked goods without getting you baked. You can even sprinkle it on pasta like parmesan cheese.

  1. Vaping

Much like sprinkling those crystals on your pasta, you can also sprinkle them into your vape mod cartridge or vape pen (as long is it’s not a dry herb vaporizer), turn it on, and start inhaling.

This isn’t currently one of the more popular methods of consumption, but who cares about being popular?

  1. Make Your Own CBD Oil

Just infuse the crystals into a base oil like coconut or other medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. The benefits of DIY oil? You’ll know the product is 100% pure, natural, THC-free CBD.

  1. Add It to a Topical Cream

If inhaling or ingesting don’t really appeal to you, opt for a therapeutic cream instead. This is an especially effective route when dealing with localized pain. You can add crystals to your favorite moisturizer or balm, or fortify an existing CBD cream to amplify its benefits.

Are You Ready to Try CBD Crystals?

If you’re dealing with pain and inflammation and have found success with CBD in the past, now is the time to try CBD crystals.

Just keep in mind you’re dealing with a much more potent brew. A little will go a long way. And how much (good stuff) can you say that about that these days? Not much.

For more on the latest and hippest stuff happening in the cannabis industry, keep checking back with our blog.