Are you planning to own at State of Michigan licensed marijuana facility? Or do you already own one?

Either way, it’s in your best interest to attend the upcoming cannabusiness seminar at Cobo Center.

It’s going to be essential to help you maximize your earning and boost your operational success.

But it’ll give you much more than that.

Cannabusiness Seminar at Cobo Center Has So Much to Offer

Opening and running a facility is no easy feat.

When working in this extremely highly regulated market, compliance is essential to avoid local penalties from the State as well as the IRS. And they’re going to start auditing as early as 2020.

If you’re found to be not in compliance, you’ll be facing some heavy penalties that could easily put you right out of business.

That’s why Cannabis Legal Group is hosting this seminar on September 27th. It’s targeted for the cannabis industry licensees, and those hoping to be licensed.

And they know their stuff.

Cannabis Legal Group of Royal Oak, founded by Attorney Barton W. Morris Jr., is the premier law firm in the State of Michigan when it comes to offering legal guidance in the cannabis industry.

Mr. Morris has a remarkable track record in the cannabis space, which he has been part of for over a decade. He is a member of the Board of the Marijuana Law Section of the State Bar of Michigan, and advises State of Michigan decision-makers on matters relating to Cannabis Law.

This will be the 12th all-day seminar Cannabis Legal Group has presented over the last several years. Each has been a heavily attended and successful events.

What You Can Expect

Areas to be covered include:

  • How to Get Your Recreational (Adult-Use) License and Overcome Roadblocks with your Municipality
  • Best Practices and Advice for Maintaining MRA Regulatory Compliance
  • Raising Private Equity Capital for Expansion and Business Mergers/Acquisitions
  • The Importance of Due Diligence and Best Practices for Acquiring a Cannabusiness
  • Common Cannabis Tax Consequences and How to Minimize and Eliminate Issues at Audit Time
  • Trademark and Protect Your Brand, or Risk Someone Infringing on or Stealing It
  • Al Harrington, Founder of Cannabis Giant, Viola Will Talk About His Success Story and the Cannabis Industry

Wait. Al Harrington? Isn’t that the former NBA star Al Harrington?

Yep. It is.

Former NBA Star in the Cannabis Industry?

There are more and more athletes riding the cannabis wave of success. And Harrington’s entry into the business was through helping his grandmother.

When Harrington was playing for the Denver Nuggets, marijuana was legal in Colorado. One weekend, his grandmother was in town. As she was unpacking, she set out all of her daily medications for glaucoma and diabetes.

She experienced a lot of pain. But what she lamented most was her inability to read the Bible because of it.

Harrington had become aware of the benefits of cannabis for pain, so he obtained some marijuana and then asked his grandma to try it.

She was afraid she’d get busted, but he assured her that she wouldn’t.

He set it out, then went to his room for a nap. When he awakened, he found his grandma in her room. She was reading her Bible and crying.

“I’m healed,” she told him.

Harrington was sold. And now he’s a cannabis tycoon – with 70-plus employees in four states: California, Oregon, Colorado and Michigan. But he’s not in it for the money. He feels it’s important to educate people on the merits of cannabis.

“At the end of the day — and I want you to put this in there, because it’s the truth — I’m not doing it for the money,” he said in an interview with IndyStar.  “Money will come and go, but I’m more focused on service and products and patients. If we take care of them, the money will be there. I get more joy from someone calling or hitting me on Twitter or Instagram (and saying): ‘My mom tried your product and this happened.’ Or: ‘My grandmother tried cannabis for first time and this is the best she’s felt in years!’ I get way more joy from that, than from looking at a bank account.”

So that’s why he’ll be at this event on September 27th.

Ready for Success?

Of course you are.

So grab your tickets for Cultivating a Successful Cannabusiness Seminar at:

If you purchase tickets for this amazing cannabis seminar at Cobo Center before August 23rd, you’ll pay only $249.00. After August 23rd, tickets will be $299.00.

And Cannabis Legal Group guarantees you’ll be satisfied, or they’ll happily give you a 100% refund.

Can’t say that for much of anything anymore.

For more of the latest on the cannabis industry, keep checking back with our blog. And if you already have a cannabis business but could use a boost with marketing and public relations, contact us today.