With January 1st right around the corner, many of us create a list of new year’s resolutions. If a THC detox is on that list for you, you may be wondering the best route.

While there are plenty of products that claim to quickly flush THC from your system, your best bet is to detox weed naturally. Not only is it the most effective way but the steps involved lend to better overall health.

So it’s two gifts in one.

How to Detox THC Naturally

For all the good that THC does, sometimes the body just needs a break.

So whether you’re clearing your system to reset, or you have an upcoming drug test, it’s important to understand that it will take about six weeks to become fully THC-free. Given that the steps to detoxing naturally will also boost better health, many of the following steps may be habits you incorporate into your daily life.

So without further ado…

  1. Stop Using THC

We really hope this goes without saying. But to get THC completely out of your system, you can’t merely cut back on cannabis consumption. While yes, you may ease into clearing it out of your system by cutting back on the tokes or gummies, eventually you have to stop consuming it altogether.

  1. Shift Your Diet

Detox is going to be more effective if you’re not retaining water. Unfortunately, foods high in delicious ingredients such as sugar, fat, and sodium do just that. Having just come off the holiday festivities, you may be keenly aware of that right now.

They also slow your metabolism. And THC metabolites can’t be shed if you’re dragging around, heavy with water. What will help though is a diet that’s rich in hydrating foods like fruits, veggies, lean meats, and leafy greens. In fact, greens can increase your metabolism and help to flush out your system faster. So if you’ve never had good relations with spinach and kale, it may be time to change your perspective.

Be sure to add in some fiber too. The best sources are beans, peanuts, legumes, and whole grains. These are classic detox foods that will also help to stabilize your mood and lend to better sleep. (This is especially key if you’re currently using THC to help you sleep.)

  1. Hydrate

When you think of the words ‘cleansing’ and ‘flushing’, doesn’t water immediately come to mind? (Yes.) So it makes sense that drinking plenty of water is going to help you do just that. Staying hydrated is also going to promote better organ function and boost your immunity – which is no small task these days.

Plain water isn’t the only source of hydration. You can swap out some water for herbal teas. Okay, it’s not exactly a café mocha or whiskey sour. But if you opt for teas with tons of antioxidants or with liver-cleansing properties, you’ll get some flavor along with added benefits.

  1. Get Moving

Getting up off the couch in these cold, dark months to exercise can feel punitive. Especially when there’s a perfectly good bag of chips or cookies nearby. But since our bodies store THC in fat cells, decreasing them means expedited detoxing. And that means cutting calories and exercising.

Once you get past the stultifying weight of procrastination and into the gym or studio, your body will gift you with anandamide – the natural endocannabinoid it produces. Production increases during exercise and it’s the source of the ‘runner’s high.’

  1. Be Kind to Yourself

Being kind to ourselves sounds like it should be so much easier than it is. And if this is already a difficult task for you, it’s important to understand that detox can exacerbate negative emotions. Knowing this going in can help you to prepare by carving out requisite time for yourself.

As mentioned above, exercise helps. If you’ve wanted to explore meditation, this could be a good time. Schedule some relaxing baths, time with friends, walks in nature, strumming your guitar, or whatever activities you enjoy.

The habits you form during your time of detoxing may just become regular ones that you’ll carry long after detoxing. How cool is that?

Happy New Year!

If you’re choosing to detox THC naturally this year, we wish you the best of luck. Sometimes a little reset is what you need.

That said, if you’re a cannabis business owner looking to reset your marketing and public relations goals this year, contact us today.

We have nearly a decade of experience and will put your positive exposure at the top of our resolutions list.