There’s no doubt that the cannabis industry is booming.

If you’ve established a business in this thriving industry, that’s good news.

But on the flip side, as the industry gets increasingly crowded, you don’t want to get lost in the hustle and bustle of all the competition.

That’s why your success is dependent, to some extent, on solid cannabis branding.

Which leads to the next question:

How Do You Create Successful Cannabis Branding?

Whether you’re a startup or already established, you can’t afford to overlook your marketing strategy.

In an industry as crowded as CBD, your company needs to stand out in some way if you’re going to be noticed.

Marketing and public relations professionals know the value of acquisition research. Information gleaned from this can assist companies in creating something people really want, but that is also unique to them.

And that’s key.

CBD Company Thinks Outside the Box

For example, the founders of a now successful CBD company spent a year researching the CBD market and testing a variety of products with more than 5,000 customers.

What they found in their market research was that people wanted hemp-based CBD tinctures. Easy enough, right?

Well, further research showed that just selling CBD tinctures wasn’t going to be enough. Because the bigger underlying problem was that consumers were unsure of the proper dosage.

Since we all dwell in our own unique bodies, what is effective for one person may not touch another. So if Bob tells Sue that the dosage of the CBD tincture is doing wonders for him, but she doesn’t have the same success, what is the likelihood she’s going to buy it again?


It might be that Sue needs a higher dosage. But is she going to rush out and buy another bottle, knowing that it may not work? Seems unlikely.

The Need to Innovate

So the founders got innovative. They looked outside the cannabis industry for some inspiration. Their first ah-ha moment came from an online prescription eyeglass and sunglass retail store which is known for offering at-home trials.

Potential customers are sent five different farms to try on at home so they can be sure they’re getting the style they want.

Could they do the same thing with CBD? Yep.

Further inspired by breweries, they decided to offer CBD tincture flights. For just $20, customers get three small vials that each deliver a different dosage. The flight comes with full instructions and advises customers to start low and go slow.

The Results Were Nearly Immediate

Having originally believed that the most potent dosage would constitute a mere 2-5% of sales, it turns to that it’s actually closer to 20%.

But what they found was even more interesting is that their customer service department was experiencing a high rate of calls. Not because consumers had complaints, but rather they were seeking information about CBD before trying it.

So when the company sent a flight to these folks, they also sent personalized texts when the flight arrived. This added focus on the customer’s experience was also a brilliant way to keep the conversation going.

It’s a little thing they like to call “conversational commerce.” And that little thing made a huge difference for them.

After all, it’s not just a matter of keeping your existing customers, but there should always be a focus on creating new ones as well.

Where Does Your Branding Stand?

Clearly, successful cannabis branding starts with innovation, creativity and a willingness to stretch your boundaries.

Enlist the services of a professional cannabis marketing company to inspire you.

Contact us today. We’ll help you determine your specific needs and challenges so that you can rise above.