With recreational cannabis now legal across more of the United States than not, surely you have a stoner (or, eh, cannabis connoisseur) on your list.

Wondering what to get them?

As cannabis marketing specialists, we can tell you there’s more than a scant smattering of offerings. And it can be overwhelming trying to narrow it down.

The Best Holiday Cannabis Gifts

If you’re a connoisseur yourself, you may have it covered. But for those who don’t regularly (or ever) partake, you might be a bit in the dark. Allow us to offer some suggestions.

  1. Glass Gandalf Pipe

Do you have a friend or family member who loves weed and Lord of the Rings in equal measure? If so, you will warm their hearts (and their lungs) with a glass Gandalf pipe from Fluid Creations Glass in Oregon.

This is also an ideal gift if you’re all about supporting independent artists this holiday season. Fluid Creations consists of Ben who blows most of the glass smokeware and Grace who makes pendants and jars. So check them out.

  1. CBD Bath Bombs

Many cannabis companies offer CBD bath bombs year-round. Still, there’s something about the craziness of the holidays that makes the idea of soaking in the tub with the soothing properties of CBD to “take you away” Calgon-style all the more appealing.

Plus, with so many different options (pH-friendly, vegan, aromatherapeutic, all of the above) crafted to soothe the mind and body, you’re bound to find the perfect one.

  1. Alcohol Rinsing Container

And now for the dabber on your list.

Dabbers are notorious for having a ton of accessories. After all, dabbing can be an involved affair. Multiple dabs require a regular cleaning rotation. As such, dabbers are often loaded with overstuffed cups of 99% isopropyl alcohol.

Fortunately, some of our more obsessive-compulsive neighbors to the north (i.e. Canada) have created ‘dual dunk’ glass containers that have removable interior chambers to hold both your big and little glass. Dabbers need only to soak the icky stuff on one side, and save the other side for rinsing. When it’s time to split, s/he simply shuts the four closures and transports the alcohol to the next destination. Brilliant, ay?

  1. Assorted Cannabis Paraphernalia

You’ve heard of Seth Rogen. Of course.

But maybe you didn’t know that the celebrity actor and comedian is also the co-founder of the cannabis paraphernalia company Houseplant. Houseplant is all about artsy cannabis-related pottery pieces. So if you have a stylish cannabis pal who doesn’t want just any run-of-the-mill ashtrays, grinders, stash jars, or rolling trays, then see what Houseplant has to appeal to his/her interior designer sensibilities.

  1. A “Canndigenous” Gift

If you’re focused on socially responsible gifts this holiday season, check out the goods from Canndigenous.

Launched in 2021, it’s the first Native American-owned CBD hemp company in Wisconsin. So when you buy their For the Mind gummies, for instance, you’ll feel more mentally balanced as well as peaceful that profits from sales help support indigenous people.

  1. Dog Joint

Okay. It’s not a REAL joint.

But Snoop Dogg has found yet another cannabis venture and this one involves man’s purported best friend. While shopping for your dog- and cannabis-loving friend, be sure to check out some of these new cannabis-themed toys. Whether it’s a doobie, a cloth boom box, or a Snoop deluxe baseball cap complete with fake dreads, you’ll be giving the gift of a good laugh.

Ready for the Holidays?

Who is, really. But armed with the above list of best holiday cannabis gifts, you’re off to a good start.

And if you’re a cannabis company looking for the gift of being noticed, then look no further. Contact us today.

As cannabis marketing and public relations specialists, we have what it takes to ensure you stand out. This holiday season and beyond.