If you’re a cannabis business owner, you’re hopefully well aware that your budtenders are your frontline workers.

They’re going to guide your customers to the right products, answer their questions, and are ultimately responsible for giving them the best experience.

That’s why, as cannabis marketing experts, we always ask potential clients, “is your budtender properly trained?”

Why You Want Your Budtender Properly Trained

The cannabis industry is thriving. With a nearly infinite amount of products and options, customers need guidance on products and how to use them.

So budtender training for cannabis dispensaries is key for success in the industry. Folks who go through this training learn how to do the following:

  1. Make the Customer Experience Memorable

For people who live in a city where dispensaries are permitted, many feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what is right for them. What’s more, they don’t want to just feel like another customer.

Well-trained budtenders know the importance of giving customers a personalized experience. They learn how to create a welcoming experience, communicate effectively and then make personalized recommendations.

These skills not only help build a loyal customer base, but they attract new customers as well.

  1. Share Important Product Information

Speaking of being overwhelmed, the amount of information out there can bog down anyone. A budtender who’s not well-trained or informed can’t possibly provide the accurate information that customers demand and deserve.

Budtender training enables dispensary employees to learn about the products they’ll be selling. This gives them the confidence to give great recommendations to build trust with customers.

  1. Get Familiar With and Maintaining Compliance

Each state has its own rules and regulations and they’re in a constant state of flux. To avoid legal issues, budtenders need to stay compliant with those ever-changing rules. Budtender training helps with this by teaching potential workers about state and federal laws. They also instruct on best practices for security, record-keeping, and managing inventory.

  1. Keep up with Industry Trends

Along with the shifting rules and regulations, the industry trends are always changing too. Enrolling in online budtender education encourages workers to keep up-to-date on the latest products and newest developments.

Staying current helps budtenders make the most relevant recommendations. It also keeps the dispensaries where they work to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, as workers become more knowledgeable and interested in the industry, they’re positioning themselves to become industry leaders.

Your Budtenders Need to Understand the Industry As a Whole

If you’re a cannabis dispensary owner, you want to be sure that your employees are equipped with the latest knowledge. They need to be able to provide accurate product info while maintaining compliance with the many rules and regulations that dictate the industry.

With your budtender properly trained through an online course, you can ensure they’ll give your customers the best customer experience available.

In the meantime, if your budtenders are doing a fantastic job but you’re just not getting the business you need, then contact us today. We’ve got the know-how – and the connections – to get your name out there.