And by on its way, we mean to your house. Just not quite yet.

With long lines and waits up to two hours in some locations, provisioning centers have been swamped with customers since purchasing recreational marijuana became legal on December 1st.

So by spring, residents of some Michigan communities will be able to connect with their local cannabis provider via the internet and set up recreational marijuana delivery to their homes.

If the timing is just right, it’ll get there when the pizza does.

Increasing Accessibility

Customers are showing up at dispensaries that sell recreational marijuana an hour and a half before they open, and coming in after they close.

So to ease this situation, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) has authorized three Michigan businesses to deliver adult-use marijuana.

It’s a solid effort to increase accessibility to the legal market, while decreasing accessibility to the illicit market.

Plus, it provides increased opportunities for recreational marijuana providers, while ensuring their customers are protected. Of course, business owners will have to follow certain rules and protocol to ensure  this safety.

And those rules and protocol are already in place. Nearly 40 medical dispensaries in Michigan already offer delivery and there have been no reports of any problems.

How Recreational Marijuana Delivery Will Work

You won’t be able to call up the dispensary and place your order, but it’ll be similar to placing an order for pizza online.

Once difference is that you’ll need to provide an ID to verify that you’re 21 or older. And while most payments are handled online, delivery services will be permitted to accept cash.

Another thing that’s different is that there’s a limit. While you can order as many pizzas as the delivery driver can fit in his or her car, there is a 2.5 ounce limit on marijuana. And if you’re looking for marijuana concentrate, the limit is 15 grams.

In addition, delivery services must be part of a dispensary rather than outsourced (i.e. DoorDash or UberEats). You also won’t see marijuana delivery vehicles with giant hemp leaves plastered on the sides. They can’t be labeled at all.

Drivers must be 21 or older and can’t carry more than 15 ounces of marijuana at any given time. Cannabis must be secure if it’s left in the vehicle, and the driver must have GPS to be in constant contact with the dispensary.

How much will it cost? That has yet to be determined.

Early Adopters

The first three facilities that have been approved for recreational marijuana delivery are in Evart, Burton, and Battle Creek.

Business owners are excited. They’ll be able to lessen waiting times, decrease lines, and provide access to patients who would otherwise have a difficult time getting to their facilities.

It won’t happen right away though. They’re all working with the state to ensure that everything is 100% compliant. And they have yet to determine their delivery areas, how much it will cost, and potential need for more personnel.

But if all goes well, there should be door-to-door marijuana available in parts of these communities by spring.

Just in time to enjoy some flower with the new flowers.

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Recreational marijuana delivery is just another sign of the industry’s rapid growth and expansion.

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