Given the ever-growing popularity of marijuana since so many states have legalized it, there are still folks who try cannabis as a means to unwind and it simply doesn’t work.

That’s because cannabis affects people differently. The effect cannabis can have on mood can vary from calm and content to anxious and irritable.

So what’s the deal?

First, It’s a Complex Plant

For a long time, cannabis seemed to be nothing more than this cool plant that was smoked and made people feel mellow. The end.

As more intense studies and analysis have revealed, cannabis is unbelievably complex. It’s more than just the magical THC. There are dozens of other cannabinoids that work in tandem with THC, as well as one another.

The most widely known cannabinoid beyond THC is CBD. But others are rushing to the forefront such as CBN and CBG which all have unique effects.

Second, Humans Are Complex

In addition, all of these cannabinoids interact with each person’s unique endocannabinoid system. Different receptors in different brains respond in different ways.

Cannabis affects virtually every neural connection in the brain. Every synapse is reverberating and whatever you’re feeling at the moment can be boosted. And the effects can vary wildly not only from person to person, but day to day in each individual. That means that how anxious someone is feeling, for example, can affect the high. So smoking or ingesting the same amount of cannabis but on two different occasions can result in two different outcomes.

This makes using cannabis highly unpredictable for some people. High doses of THC are particularly problematic. Particularly for those who struggle with chronic anxiety.

For someone who deals with just regular garden variety anxiety, too much THC can enhance that. This may not feel scary or unmanageable. For those with anxiety disorders, however, it can lead to full-on panic attacks. In fact, some people simply need to steer clear of THC altogether.

Furthermore, one’s age, frequency of cannabis use, sensitivity to THC, and ability to metabolize it are all factors.

Of Course Cannabis Affects People Differently

It can be exasperating for people who struggle with anxiety to witness the calming effect of marijuana on others when it just makes them feel worse. And there doesn’t seem to be a molecular reason that THC works for some but not others.

At the end of the day, every person is different. And many factors influence how one responds to cannabis. Generally speaking, the lower the dosage of THC, the better chance for those with anxiety to respond to it positively.

Whatever the case though, the cannabis will effectively turn up the volume on whatever you’re already feeling. Yeah, food will taste better and music will sound more amazing. But if you’re anxious, it may exacerbate that too.

So What Can You Rely On?

While cannabis affects people differently, targeted cannabis marketing has one solid outcome – boosting your success.

So if you have a cannabis business and are ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level, contact us today.

And chill.