If you’re trying to scale your cannabis business, your primary focus is ways to make more capital. Yet, in the flurry of activity to achieve this, you may not have stopped to consider who your ideal cannabis customer is. You need to take this important step.

Invest in the time to understand what makes for your dream client and how you’re uniquely qualified to serve them. Because without this knowledge, you could be wasting a lot of time, energy, and resources.

To ensure you’re not doing more harm than good, ask yourself the three following questions:

  1. Who Am I Trying to Serve?

Here’s rule #1 (or at least in the top ten) in the cannabis biz: You cannot be everything to everyone. Actually, that’s a good mantra for all arenas of life. Even so, many a business trying to bring in more customers or clients attempts to do just this.

It’s an understandable mistake. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to increase your customer base. But focusing on one particular niche and delivering it well is going to land you more respect (and customers in that niche) than offering a wide array of mediocrity. That’s just a fact.

Furthermore, it’s exhausting trying to tackle the Herculean feat of being everything to everyone. So take it from the most successful brands, consultants, and enterprises – be aware of exactly who you serve, how you’re serving them, and the precise problem you’re solving.

  1. What Are My Standard Operations of Procedure (SOPs)?

Obviously (or at least we hope it’s obvious), success relies on establishing a set of SOPs that will allow for your team to continually deliver measurable results. But if you haven’t yet worked out step #1 above, then you likely don’t have a proper framework for building these. Because if you’re trying to serve too many people in too many niches, your SOPs are going to be a confusing mess.

They don’t bode well for hiring either. When you haven’t homed in on your ideal cannabis customer, you don’t know what specific roles will need to be filled for employees. And without a clear set of SOPs for your sales team, they’re unable to relay what your company does, the way it operates, and what realistic expectations look like. As a result, you’re going to run into costly turnover.

By sticking with a niche (for now at least), you’re far more likely to scale faster and with more ease. You can always add relatable products and services later.

  1. Am I Making the Most of My Marketing?

Of course, promoting yourself is crucial. But again, if you don’t know to whom you’re promoting yourself, your marketing and sales efforts are probably missing the mark. And that’s money out the window. In addition, your team members won’t have a solid sense of your company’s vision and won’t be able to effectively talk about it.

Once you’re able to define and refine your ideal customer, you’ll have a clearer sense of the message you wish to convey. This will make your cannabis marketing, sales, and public relations efforts far more effective.

Do You Know Your Ideal Cannabis Customer?

If you haven’t yet considered your ideal cannabis customer, it’s clear that you need to take the above steps in order to scale your business.

You don’t have to go it alone. We’re here to help. As experts in cannabis marketing and public relations, we have nearly a decade of experience. We can help you identify the perfect customer, and then ensure that they’re receiving your messaging.

So contact us today. And get ready to scale your business.