Once upon a time, if you’d told anyone you were considering different cannabis bachelors degrees offerings, they’d have looked at you askance. (Partially because you would have been delusional.)

But given the wild success of the cannabis industry, universities and colleges are now evolving their curricula to make room for such a thing.

And with good reason. Cannabis is one of the country’s quickest-growing industries and employers are on the lookout for candidates that have a foundational cannabis knowledge that goes beyond regular midnight toking.

Cannabis Bachelors Degrees

Back when we began our cannabis marketing firm, there was barely an educational cannabis program to be found. But that’s all changed.

Whether you’re seeking a physical university or a virtual program, you’re bound to find a degree program that works for you. A growing number of colleges offer associates degrees in various cannabis related disciplines. And you can even take individual courses in some cases. For the sake of brevity, however, we’re going to focus on some of the universities with bachelors degrees programs.

Northern Michigan University

Back in 2017, if you wanted a four-year undergraduate program dedicated to cannabis, you had one option. You had to head to Marquette’s Northern Michigan University. They blazed the trail when they offered a Medicinal Plant Chemistry degree. Five years later, the school even has a Medicinal Plant Chemistry Club – which probably looks a lot different from your chemistry club in high school.

Johnson & Wales University

If you’d like to experience living in the smallest state in the country, you can head to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Touting one of the best entrepreneurship-based cannabis degrees on the east coast, the four-year Cannabis Entrepreneurship degree at JWU prepares students to become industry leaders with a focus on equitable business practices.

Colorado State University-Pueblo

CSU-Pueblo offers students who wish to pursue a laboratory-based career an immersive Bachelor of the Sciences in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry. There is also the possibility of gaining a degree in another discipline, then adding a 22-credit minor in Cannabis Studies (with classes in Sociology, Psychology, and Chemistry).

York College of Pennsylvania

Until York College started offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Cannabinoid Chemistry, there was no other cannabinoid chemistry degree in the state or mid-Atlantic region. Fortunately, with such a demand for trained chemists in the industry, they stepped up to the plate.

Medgar Evers College

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Medgar Evers College is part of the City College of New York (CUNY) system. While they don’t offer a full bachelors, there is the option to add a Cannabis Studies Minor. The college is also unique in that it has an HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) designation.

Lake Superior State University

Heading back to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior State University is home to two undergraduate degrees. Located in Sault Ste. Marie, LSSU has offerings for both the science-minded and those with an entrepreneurial bent. They offer a Cannabis Chemistry program as well as a Cannabis Business program.

Minot State University

If living in North Dakota has been a longtime dream, then you’ll be right at home at Minot State University. What’s more, if your dream includes acquiring a four-year Medicinal Plant Chemistry degree, then you’ve clearly found your holy grail.

Beal University

It doesn’t matter where you are if you want to pursue a degree from Beal University. They offer a detailed 34-month Bachelors in Medicinal Plant Sciences. And it’s entirely virtual.

Are There Graduate Level Studies?


Thomas Jefferson University in New Jersey, University of Maryland, Pacific College of Health and Science (strangely, in Chicago), St. Louis University (not strangely, in St. Louis) and the American International College in Massachusetts are among those offering graduate level studies. And LIM College in New York City offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees.

Surely, it’s just a matter of time before there’s a doctorate…

Are You Schooled in Marijuana?

Of course, you don’t need cannabis bachelors degrees to start a business and thrive. But it certainly helps. Especially as the market becomes saturated.

Another thing that helps is to have expert marketing and public relations working for you. So if you already have a cannabis business and need to improve your optics, contact us today.

We’re well-connected and we know what works.