According to the latest research from Captain Obvious, dispensaries require a whole lot of security.

So security solutions for marijuana facilities have to be state-of-the-art. They need some serious 24-7 monitoring and support.

In fact, if there were 25-7 support, they’d need that.

As such, the legalization of marijuana has drummed up business for yet another market.

Companies Offer Security Solutions for Marijuana Facilities

It comes down to automation.

Marijuana facilities need to be able to access and control their security system features from wherever they are.

It’s much like some folks get notifications when someone is at their front door while they, themselves, are vacationing in Aruba. Except it’s a much bigger deal.

Because if there’s some mysterious and shady figure lurking around the back door of a dispensary, getting a notification alone isn’t gonna cut it.

What Could Go Wrong?

Asked no dispensary owner, ever.

Obviously, home security systems offer far more than just notifying you when the neighbor’s dog has wandered into your yard. Or your neighbor. (Which you’ve asked him NOT to do.)

Seriously though, dispensary owners need the most advanced automated solutions. They need a platform that integrates security, energy management, and video monitoring and analytics.

They need the ability to control the thermostat to keep their product at the right temperature. And having control of the indoor and outdoor lighting systems allows them to enhance security for different times of days.

Plus, with a security team at the helm monitoring any and all activity, a dispensary can be under constant surveillance.

Perhaps the most important service provided by security companies for marijuana dispensaries is video monitoring and analytics.

The Need for Advanced Camera Systems and Analytics

This one should not be overlooked by marijuana facilities.

In fact, a large number of dispensaries are already utilizing video analytics to help secure their properties, keep a log of daily activity and ensure that their customers and employees are safe.

One such company, Michigan owned and operated Safeguard Security Solutions, installs and operates camera systems that come with state-of-the-art video analytics and artificial intelligence.

Owners Ryan Triemstra and Carlos Davila grew up together and are passionate about providing marijuana facilities with peace of mind.

Their systems offer:

  • instant notifications of any movement      
  • real-time notifications delivered to a mobile device
  • time-stamped images of events and a complete log of activity
  • ability to discern between a human or vehicle for quick detection
  • linking of the system to a 24-hour monitoring station
  • manual “voice down” comments delivered to potential intruders

All of these can help to stop burglaries and other crimes before they happen.

So once again, legalized marijuana can be thanked for boosting other markets. You’re welcome, security companies.

Are You Playing It Too Safe?

When it comes to security solutions for marijuana facilities, there’s no such thing as playing it too safe.

But if you own a dispensary and aren’t getting the traffic you need, playing it safe on the marketing and public relations side may not be working for you. 

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