The cannabis industry is booming. And over the next three years, it’s predicted to grow by 300%. So where are the cannabis lounges?

If you live in a community that opted to allow the sale of cannabis, you’ve probably noticed there’s no shortage of dispensaries. Yet, in most states, it’s understood that you don’t open the product until you’re at least out of the store. The message – no consumption allowed.

It looks like that’s already changing though.

What Are Cannabis Lounges?

It’s pretty clear-cut.

Cannabis lounge are cannabis-friendly spaces where folks can consume without the fear of being arrested. They’re like the bars of marijuana – a place to be social and connect with other people who enjoy partaking in the leaf and all its wonders.

Right now, cannabis lounges are few and far between. But don’t be surprised if in a year or two, they become more commonplace. Among those that do exist, some also serve edibles and offer infused products like oils and creams too. There are even those with a full restaurant kitchen so guests can chill a bit longer and enhance the whole experience.

They’re mostly in Colorado and California, though entrepreneurs have their attention focused on Las Vegas-based Planet 13 and what they’re doing there.

Behold, Las Vegas

With its lights, noise, distractions, and 24-hour non-stop action, Las Vegas is a city with so many offerings it’s overwhelming. Even so, Planet 13 has become a major destination spot there.

Picture a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience minus the Oompa Loompas. Along with being allowed to consume cannabis on the premises, there are production windows where customers can view beverages and edibles being produced, as well as magnetic walls with products in rotating cylinders to deliver the entire 360-degree experience.  With video walls and sound systems galore, tourists flock to this flagship lounge.

But at the end of the day, it’s a safe space for like-minded cannabis consumers to enjoy themselves.

Cannabis Lounges in Michigan?

Michigan is a hot-bed of the industry. Sales hit $984.6 million in 2020, and those numbers are expected to keep rising. With a projected $3 billion per year in retail sales, Michigan may well be considered the second largest market in the country.

Add in the wonder of the Great Lakes, there are countless opportunities for cannabis tourism. And that means there’s a serious need for social consumption lounges.

In legalese, the state of Michigan refers to cannabis lounges as Designated Consumption Establishments, or DCEs.  These coffee shop type settings are permitted in the state, but require a special license.

At the time of publication of this post, no license has been issued in Michigan. Yet. Most folks in the industry suspect that this has to do with the pandemic which continues to rage on. Aside from the sheer work of opening any business in these times, the concept of having a place for people to gather and to smoke amidst a prevalent respiratory disease just isn’t the best business model for now.

But the industry is hopeful.

And with more retail establishments and small-scale marijuana facilities popping up each day, it’s likely they’ll want to add a consumption establishment license. So stay tuned!

Looking for Cannabis Marketing That Works?

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