No matter your reasons for consuming cannabis, you’re likely thankful that you no longer have to figure out how to get it. But it’s easy to forget the road to legalization wasn’t exactly pretty.

As a long-standing cannabis marketing firm, we know that forwarding the movement resulted in a lot of ugly social injustices – the consequences of which still exist to this day.

So if you want to acknowledge and speak up against the wrongs of cannabis criminalization, now’s your chance to donate to social justice this Thanksgiving.

How to Donate to Social Justice This Thanksgiving

Sure, you can peruse the internet and find a myriad of organizations doing great work. We encourage you to do so. But we thought we’d get you started by highlighting five that are doing some really good work here:


As the name implies, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) is focused on the decriminalization of cannabis. They’ve been at it since 1970 and are still fighting to normalize responsible cannabis use.

Because they’ve been around for so long, they have a solid and impressive record. They’re leaders in state and federal law reform and continue to advocate for consumers at every turn. They also work tirelessly to counter old school narratives about marijuana (Reefer Madness, anyone?) through cannabis education efforts.

Last Prisoner Project

Despite widespread legalization, almost 40,000 lives are still negatively impacted by outdated cannabis laws – incarcerated and imprisoned without hope of release. The Last Prisoner Project is committed to freeing and rehabilitating every last one of them through advocacy, intervention, and awareness campaigns. And if donating funds isn’t viable for you this year, you can always join their letter-writing program to connect with and support someone who is incarcerated.

Nu Project

While taking a toke or settling back with an edible this Thanksgiving, keep in mind that while the legal cannabis industry is thriving, not everyone is reaping the benefits. There are communities – mostly brown and Black – still facing equity hurdles such as capital, education, and connection. Nu Project supports these communities through programs that help them to build generational wealth.

Americans for Safe Access

Despite all logic, there are still states that haven’t legalized cannabis. In these places, patients and researchers have to relocate if they need to access medical cannabis. The objective of Americans for Safe Access is to ensure safe and legal access for everyone in all 50 states. Donating to this organization is a step toward recognizing cannabis as legal medicine that meets safety standards and can be covered by insurance.


You may have heard of THE WELDON PROJECT because it has some high profile supporters such as Snoop Dog. The project was founded by Weldon Angelos who had his own experience with a low-level cannabis case. Today, they are committed to providing financial aid and forwarding social change social change for all those imprisoned on cannabis-related offenses.

The List Continues…

If you’re looking to donate to social justice this Thanksgiving, the above five organizations are all great options. But they are certainly not the only organizations forwarding the needle on a socially just cannabis future.

So if you’re in a position to donate this Thanksgiving, consider doing so. And to stay up to date on the latest in the cannabis industry, keep checking back with our blog.