The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol has collected over 360,000 signatures needed to place marijuana legalization on the Michigan November 2018 ballot.

Many people in the cannabis industry feel confident that Michigan has enough support to pass this initiative, but the Coalition needs more than just signatures.

They said the fight isn’t over yet. The next step is raising funds for their upcoming Vote Yes campaign.

“Prohibitionists will try to scare voters with lies about the sky falling if we legalize,” said the Coalition. “We need your help to make sure the truth makes it into the minds of undecided voters.”

MI Legalize said contributions from supporters are vital for their effort and without financial support they won’t be able to make the November 2018 ballot. They are accepting donations starting at 25 dollars and the Coalition is collecting donations starting at 5 dollars, but of course, more is always appreciated.

Cannabis industry officials and anyone supporting the legalization of cannabis should contribute if they want to see this bill on Michigan’s ballot.

Visit or to donate toward legalizing recreational marijuana in Michigan.