Have you considered establishing a cannabis business?

Maybe retail is your thing. And there are some folks doing seriously good work with their dispensaries.

But there are more options than just owning and operating a provisioning center.

In fact, when we established our cannabis marketing and public relations firm a few years ago, we recognized there was a gap for public relations firms to assist weed-related businesses.

And so we set out to educate the public and clear up misconceptions around this highly stigmatized product.

Our team of PR and branding experts help cannabis businesses improve their standing through media and online marketing.

Now there are so many cannabis-friendly businesses emerging. We’ll look at some of the top choices among entrepreneurs.

  1. Bed and Breakfast

If you’ve ever gone on vacation and stayed at a hotel, you know that taking a hit of marijuana can make you feel like a common criminal.

That’s why cannabis-friendly bed and breakfast establishments are popping up all over the place.

Staying at a “bud” and breakfast enables guests to light up, smoke down, and meet other like-minded folks. Some even sell edibles and other cannabis-related goodies that guests can enjoy during their stay.

  1. Yoga

In terms of its ability to relax the body and mind, yoga is incredibly popular. But so too is marijuana.

So it makes sense that some enterprising entrepreneurs saw the benefits of combining them.

Existing studios that offer these classes encourage a slow and controlled style of yoga. The focus is on engaging the students’ attention and deepening the impact of their experience.

Companies such as Ganja Yoga and Marijuasana even offer teaching training programs for those looking to become yoga teachers in this venue.

  1. Cosmetics

There’s nothing new about cannabis cosmetics. In fact, they’re already pretty big. And why not?

Research shows that the medicinal benefits of compounds like THC and CBD can be delivered topically (and effectively) via balms, lotions, sprays, bath soaks, and more.

Hemp is getting in on the game too, with hemp-infused balms and creams showing up on the shelves of some pretty well-known retailers.

  1. Bike Tours

The cannabis culture is full of outdoors enthusiasts.

Some of those outdoor lovers have created businesses that offer marijuana-themed bike tours. They’ve found it’s a great way to exercise  and be outdoors, while making money doing it.

  1. Painting Classes

Wine-drenched painting events have swept the nation.

But if you live in a legal state, there’s no reason you can’t offer cannabis painting classes too.

Studios with this offering don’t provide the marijuana any more than they provide the wine.

Rather, they’re offering a safe space for customers to use marijuana while unleashing their inner artists. They provide a sense of community in an intimate, inspired setting.

In addition to painting classes, some studios also offer cooking classes for marijuana enthusiasts.

  1. Design

Cannabis has been represented as dark, shady, and illicit for too long now.

So designers are finding ways to foster acceptance and restore respect through their work.

For example, interior designers with a penchant for marijuana are steering away from the traditional notion that dispensaries should be dark and dank and designing more upscale and eloquent retail spaces for their clients.

On the graphic design side, there’s a growing need for specialty packaging designers who understand the rules and regulations of the industry.

There are even industrial designers finding new work creating childproof packages that still keep the product fresh.

  1. Event Planning

It’s impossible to argue that there’s a huge community surrounding cannabis. As such, cannabis consumers are on the lookout for the next big event that embraces their love of the herb.

Creative event planners are increasingly finding ways to combine cannabis with other exciting activities – giving party planners and organizers a brand new avenue.

Do You Have Ideas for New Cannabis-Friendly Businesses?

The above list of cannabis-friendly businesses is just a sampling of what’s emerging. As time goes on, there are bound to be many others.

So if you’re in the process of establishing a new cannabis business, be sure that you’re getting the best public relations and marketing in the industry.

Contact us today. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and know how to play the game.