The age-old notion of the unproductive stoner is SOOOOO hackneyed. Furthermore, it’s inaccurate.

More and more, folks are using cannabis to increase focus. Of course, this doesn’t mean there aren’t those still seeking to completely check out. Fortunately, that’s still a possibility.

But with the increasing legality of marijuana, producers are getting creative with strains and consumers are using cannabis in myriad different settings.

Changing Your Experience With Cannabis

For example, you might not consider toking up before heading to the gym.  But fitness enthusiasts are finding that cannabis can bring a whole new dimension to working out. On a purely practical level, it increases blood flow and eases pain and inflammation. Beyond that, it can pull you into the moment and get you into the zone more quickly.

On the other side of the spectrum, meditation practitioners have increasingly discovered how effective cannabis is for bringing one into the moment. Mellow indica-heavy strains also decrease anxiety that can get in the way of grounding and centering during meditation.

And sure, using cannabis to bring a certain otherworldly divinity to artistic ventures is nothing new. Yet with the availability of more sophisticated strains and the ability to control dosage, creative types are experimenting with cannabis in new and exploratory ways. There are even virtual art classes that encourage cannabis use while traversing the rainbow sky with your muse.

Using Cannabis to Increase Focus

So what are some of the best strains? With so many available, it’s tough to narrow it down. After all, we’re mere mortal cannabis marketing specialists. But we’ve got four that we think really help you focus, boost your mood, and enhance productivity/creativity.

  1. Super Lemon Haze

Although Super Lemon Haze is often listed as a sativa, it does contain 20% indica, so it’s a bit of a hybrid. The addition of the indica is effective for calming the nerves and lessening the chance of jitters that come with some sativa classified strains.

  1. Green Crack

On the other hand, if you’re not prone to the above mentioned jitters, then Green Crack might be the perfect fit for you. It’s a potent sativa strain with some seriously invigorating effects. If you’re seeking focus for physically demanding tasks, Green Crack is like getting a cup of coffee in a joint.

  1. Sun Kush

Also a sativa strain, Sun Kush delivers on happy and uplifting effects to keep you feeling blissful yet focused. The fruity citrus flavors with tropical undertones are great for these long, dark, winter days.

  1. Mac #1

Finally, if you’re looking for a heavy-hitting cerebral high, Mac #1 is a great go-to. This one is ideal for procrastinators who need that extra boost of clarity to take on organizational challenges.

As we mentioned above, there are many others. But these four are a great place to start experimenting. In the meantime…

Could Your Marketing Efforts Be Better Targeted?

If you’re a cannabis business owner, you may already be using cannabis to increase focus. Even so, your marketing efforts could be falling short.

So if you find that you’re spending far too much time focusing on getting your name out there, contact us. We have the experience and expertise to get you noticed.

And it will free up time for you to truly focus on your business.