Did you wake up this morning and realize you’ve got less than a week to pull together some last minute cannabis gifts?

Fear not. The marijuana lover(s) in your life will not be forgotten like the Misfit Toys. As long-time cannabis marketing experts, we’ve pulled together five different gift ideas that use local sources so you can acknowledge your cannabis pals.

By using local sources, you not only ditch the need to rely on the postal service, but you’ll be supporting your local economy! It’s a win-win.

  1. Homemade Weed Goodies

How about giving them some lovin’ from the oven?

Does the marijuana aficionado in your life have a fondness for cookies, brownies, or cakes? (If not, it’s time to ask some very serious questions.) The nice thing about going homemade is you can be really specific about what you’re baking for your soon to be baked friend.

Be it peanut butter cookies, butterscotch brownies, or Black Forest cake, you’re bound to impress them with a personalized cannabis infused dessert. And don’t worry about how it looks. They’ll be grateful to have that brownie when Uncle Roderick reaches for his fifth drink and starts espousing his political views.

  1. Game Face Kit

If your cannabis buddy is pretty hardcore and likes to keep a steady buzz going, you can help him or her out with a DIY kit that’ll keep them looking their freshest and most alert.

Head to the drugstore and pick up some eye drops, small tubes of hand lotion, lip moisturizer, gum, breath mints, individual packets of electrolyte powder, fruit snack packets, mini facial mist, and a small fabric refresher spray.

Put it all together in a basket or decorative bag or some sort.

  1. Incense and Candles

Okay, it’s totally cliché. But marijuana consumers typically find incense and candles to be helpful gifts. Check the magical internet for independent candle makers near you who are creating some insanely amazing scents. Strawberry-guava, anyone?

As far as incense, you could check local businesses such as yoga studios or small mom-and-pop shops to find some truly unique scents. Then there’s always the head shop up the street. Speaking of which…

  1. Fabulous Accessories

Take a little walk through your local head shop and you’re bound to find some pretty interesting glass pieces and other accessories that would beautifully complement your friend’s lifestyle. They may not have even realize they need a Yoda water pipe until you present it to them wrapped in a lovely bow.

  1. Cannabis Products!

Here’s a thought.

If you live in a cannabis legal state, why not just buy them some actual weed from a highly reputable dispensary?! If you don’t already know their favorite strain, do some clever sleuthing to figure it out. And if they don’t have one, research the popular strains right now and determine which ones would be a good fit.

In states where it’s been recreationally legal for awhile, there are some top notch grow houses delivering seriously high quality cannabis. And all you have to do is a little bit of research. Easy enough, right?

So get to it!

Don’t Stress About Last Minute Cannabis Gifts

Give the gift of weed this year.

And even if you’re not in a legal state, you can still get or create last minute cannabis gifts by hitting your local head shop or heading to the drugstore.

In the meantime, be sure to check out other informative cannabis articles on our blog. You might actually learn something!