While building a cannabis brand is long journey, it’s one well worth taking. In fact, cannabis branding is everything. Especially if you’re a dispensary owner.

Having a brand that tells a story and stands out from the rest is the perfect recipe for connecting with customers in a genuine way and building loyalty.

As such, the success of your brand depends on it flowing well through your actual location as well as all of your marketing efforts. So where do you begin?

Identify the Values of Your Brand

When it comes to creating a brand, it’s easy to focus on the design elements such as color and symbols. And these are important, to be sure. But what’s the story behind your brand? What are the values you want associated with it?

Even if you’re certain you’ve got this part nailed, it’s a good idea to get your company’s leaders and employees together to brainstorm. Not only does this allow everyone to have a say in the company, but you may be surprised to find that others have a different view of or take on the story and values. Incorporate these into your branding.

It’s important to remember that a strong brand strategy with a solid set of values will also attract investors who see the sheer potential in it. And along with drawing loyal customers, it will also draw in cannabis tourists looking for a unique experience that strays from the mainstream.

Marketing Your Brand

Two critical components of your brand’s long-term success are where and the how it’s advertised.

Opening your dispensary and waiting for folks to flow in isn’t going to cut it. You need a marketing strategy. Most companies are utilizing data and analytics to target specific demographics for their advertising. This goes a long way toward finding local audiences who would be most likely to make a purchase.

Additionally, grabbing likes and followers from your social media pages is going to generate interest. Just be sure that your brand comes across each platform in a cohesive way. In other words, if your Facebook and Instagram accounts look like two different dispensaries, that’s a problem.

Finally, keep in mind that while social media reaches a lot of people, there are countless other ways to advertise your company. Cannabis marketing agencies are worth their weight in gold in these cases. These experts not only know how to share your story and build connections, but they have an intimate understanding of the rules that apply to advertising a federally prohibited product.

What Does Your Physical Space Say?

Ask yourself this: Does your physical space reflect your branding efforts? It should.

Even a storied brand chock full of values can falter if the actual dispensary does nothing to further it. For example, your brand is warm and welcoming but your dispensary looks like a sterile medical facility. Or maybe your logo is bright and colorful, but the outside of your building is a dull grey. In both cases, there’s a disconnect that you definitely don’t want.

Cannabis Branding Is Everything

As a dispensary owner, you probably already understand that cannabis branding is everything. Without it, you wouldn’t have much of a business.

So if you feel that your branding efforts could be stronger and that your cannabis marketing strategies are lacking, contact us today. We have the expertise and the know-how to get you recognized in this highly saturated market.

We thrive on it.