Since cannabis became legal in Michigan in 2018, you’ve probably noticed the skunky smell of weed in places you least expected.

That’s because there’s plenty of confusion about using cannabis in Michigan. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s a free for all as to when and where you can consume it.

So we’re going to lay out the dos and don’ts for you by answering some very basic questions.

Where Can I Use Cannabis?

Under the Michigan state law, the only place you can smoke down is in a private residence. So that means in your home or in your friend’s place as long as they’re cool with it. Despite your Cheech and Chong fantasies, enjoying a doobie in your car is not legal.

It is also illegal to use cannabis in any public place. So if you enjoy lighting one up after a cappuccino on a coffeeshop patio, think again. And don’t even carry it into areas frequented by kids – such as schools. Seriously. Don’t.

Finally, any places that are under federal jurisdiction (like airports, government buildings, federally subsidized housing) have deemed use or even possession of cannabis illegal.

Can I Grow Cannabis in My Garden?

There are all kinds of benefits to cultivating marijuana outdoors despite Michigan’s short growing season. Along with the benefits though, there are rules. The plants can’t be visible to your neighbors or walkers-by from ground level or a permanent structure.

You also can’t just plop the plants down among your daisies, dianthus, and dahlias. It must be grown in a stationary structure enclosed on all sides by any material (i.e. wooden slats or chain-link fencing) that keeps folks out. And the structure needs to be anchored or attached to the ground in some way.

But wait, there’s more.

To stay lawful, you’ll also need to install locks or other security devices that will restrict access to only you and whoever else you recognize as trustworthy enough not to steal your harvest. And speaking of harvest, once it comes time to do so, all drying, trimming, curing, and, if applicable, packaging must also be done inside the structure.

What Are the Rules for Indoor Cultivation?

There are similar rules for indoor cultivation in Michigan. You must be at least 21 years old, and are permitted no more than 12 plants. The plants must be grown in an enclosed, secure area that is not accessible by the public and not visible from outside your property.

Like the outdoor cultivation, the area must be locked and secured.

If you’re a renter, it IS legal to grow marijuana both indoors and outdoors. But you’ll need to clear it with the property management first. If you don’t, a disagreeable landlord can make your life a living hell.

Can I Lose My Job for Marijuana Use?

Yep. There are even legislators trying to outlaw fake urine (yeah, it’s a thing) available in certain tobacco and vape shops.

Of course, whether you’ll get in trouble depends on where you work. For instance, working at a cannabis marketing agency is far less likely to cause you problems than, say, working at a hospital where you’ll be tested.

This also applies to medical marijuana use. Because as of now, employers aren’t required to accommodate either medical or recreational marijuana use in Michigan. Thus, they have the freedom to terminate employment even when the use occurred off the clock and the employee has a valid medical marijuana card. Which is rough.

So be sure you understand your employer’s position on cannabis.

Cannabis Use In Michigan Comes with Rules

Hopefully you now have a full grasp on cannabis use in Michigan and what you can’t do without facing possible penalties. So be cool, y’all.

And for more comprehensive reads on what’s happening in the world of cannabis, keep checking back with our blog.