If you have a cannabis business, you know how challenging it is to make an impression in such a saturated market. Getting solid cannabis PR on your side can make all the difference.

Having a good public relations strategy will put you in the spotlight and establish your brand as a leader in the industry. It will also go the distance with your credibility.

So how does cannabis PR work for you? It can help you with the following:

  1. Raising Capital

You may be fairly certain you have what it takes to run and scale a successful business. But without the right amount of capital, it’s going to be an uphill battle. Catching the attention of interested investors is one of the better ways to get that capital.

So who are your ideal investors?

If you ask successful cannabis entrepreneurs how they attracted investors, the vast majority of them will tell you that their investors read, saw, or listened to something about them. And it makes sense. Because no matter how brilliant your idea, amazing your solution, or innovative your plan, it’s not going anywhere if you can’t communicate it to a viable investor audience.

You need to show up in publications, broadcasts, podcasts and other content of interest to investors to grab their attention. And an expert in cannabis PR has the connections with these sources so you’ll do more than just show up on their radar.

You’ll expand your reach to establish credibility and build trust.

  1. Attracting Strong Workforce

It’s no secret that finding talent these days is beyond challenging. But if you’re not putting your company out there, how will potential employees know anything about you?

Thus, using PR to communicate your mission, culture, and values is not just a win for acquiring customers. It’s also going to attract the workforce you need to be a success; folks who share your vision and passion and want to be a part of something bigger.

You’ll be showing up in multiple places – communicating who you are as a leader and what you advocate. You can also take your story to social media to share information about what your team loves, what they won’t tolerate, and the whole arc in between. And be sure to be public about any of your team’s internal successes.

Speaking of social media…

  1. Working Around Marketing Limitations

You might be wondering what the advantage of cannabis public relations is over any other PR company. It comes down to handling social media.

While you can use social media in the above example to tout your successes, you’re still not able to buy ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, or any of the other popular social media platforms (though there are smaller independent ones where this isn’t as much of an issue). Due to the ongoing federal prohibition of cannabis, the larger social media platforms have chosen to ban a great deal of cannabis content. And this is a huge marketing hurdle.

So cannabis PR folks have had to figure out how to expand reach and communicate narratives for their clients without relying on solely on social media marketing. To do this, they leverage the power of earned media. Press releases, news articles, guest blog posts, and podcasts have become effective media for attracting new business.

These sources enable cannabis business owners to educate viewers, share their vantage point, and ultimately present themselves as a trusted resource. And that’s precisely what you want.

Harness the Power of Cannabis PR

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