Certain cannabis businesses pop up on the radar more than others. Sometimes FAR more.

It can get to the point where you start to believe that only a handful of companies are in existence. Yet, you know that’s not the case.

Especially if you own one of those businesses that seems forever in the shadows. But what can you do to start getting your share of the hype?

If you’ve been struggling to get noticed, it’s time to learn about how a publicist can help your cannabis company.

Why Hire a Publicist?

Marketing cannabis is challenging.

Even though you live in a state where your product is legal (at the very least on the medical level), you’re still attempting to sell what’s considered a Schedule 1 drug. And it’s federally illegal.

That means it’s subject to rules and regulations that other products – such as baby shoes or toaster cozies – are not.

In other words, you’re limited in what you’re legally permitted to do to promote your product.

The good news is, there are experts who specialize in cannabis marketing and public relations.

Those cannabis companies that are garnering all of the attention are more than likely investing in services from these professionals to drive their brand. But how are they doing it?

A Publicist Can Help Your Cannabis Company Get Press

If you’re a lesser-known brand, getting just a few endorsements from media outlets can be huge in cementing your reputation.

Hiring a publicist increases the likelihood that you’ll start getting those sorely needed endorsements. The beneficial effects of earned media can help build the ultimate foundation for your growth without drowning in the overwhelming wave of new brands.

There’s nothing quite like solid story placement.

For example, a publicist knows the ins and out to get your story on well-trafficked cannabis websites to reach a captive audience that’s already familiar with the industry.

And if your publicist is able to get placement with a relatable and relevant story on a mainstream media platform, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new audience and your legitimacy will sky-rocket.

These stories will be seen for months – getting picked up by industry newsletters, search engines and aggregators. They can even be fodder for your social media.

Speaking of which…

The Trouble with Social Media

Yeah, it takes time and money to execute an effective campaign on social media. But that’s true for any business.

What makes it different for cannabis goes back to the fact that it’s an illegal drug. That means it can’t be promoted on social media platforms without the risk of having your account shut down.

Meanwhile, paid social media advertising and analytics tools won’t take it on either. They are completely hands off.

So your ROI is dreary, at best.

Yes, having social media presence is important. In fact, it’s crucial for your branding. But many cannabis companies continue to drop a lot of money into their social media budgets – hoping that sending messages into the void will eventually pay off.

In reality, what you need is to be part of a meaningful story that will be received by a wider (and longer lasting) audience. Furthermore, you need to create original and meaningful conversations around the products, services and consumers that comprise this industry.

A publicist knows how to target your message because they understand how to engage directly with media in a focused way. Essentially, they know how to make you one of the main players in this exploding industry.

Are You Ready to Hire a Publicist?

You have stories to tell through your business.

And you want to drive those stories forward while maintaining relevancy in the quickly changing cannabis industry.

A publicist can help your cannabis company do just that.

So if you’re ready to see what a publicist can do for you, contact us for a consultation. And start making a name for yourself.