Illinois will soon be the first state to pass a law to accept the use of marijuana for children in school. Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner signed what is called the HB 4870 into law and will be in effect beginning in the fall 2018 school year.

This bill, according to Adam Drury of High Times, stated that, “The bill requires schools to let parents or guardians administer medical cannabis to children at school.” Seeing that legislature is beginning to accept cannabis as more than just a “gateway” drug is truly phenomenal and long awaited.

Although the bill passed with overwhelming support, there will be a lot of restrictions regarding this new law. The restrictions only allow students specific kinds of marijuana to enter the school as well as there being other protections and precautionary rules for staff and students. Since the bill passed with flying colors back in may, lawmakers and people in general are beginning to understand what cannabis is and what it isn’t.

It has been proven time and time again that cannabis does more good than harm. With students, especially, cannabis cancels out a lot of addictive drugs that are supposed to help kids with depression, ADD, and OCD, as well as mental and physical disorders such as epilepsy and autism. By passing this bill, the bill has made it possible for the students who need it to attend school with the medical help they desperately need.