We’re not making this up. There really is a National CBD Day. And with good reason.

April 20th has long been celebrated (though unofficially) as a day to march, rally, and get high in the name of cannabis.

And for about seven years now, July 10th has been recognized as Cannabis Oil Day. That’s because if you turn the word “OIL” upside down, it looks like 710.

This week alone celebrates Fresh Breath Day, Bowling Day, and Presidential Joke Day (which we’re not touching).

So why not CBD Day?

The Sordid History of National CBD Day

It’s not all that sordid really. And it’s not much of a history.

National CBD Day is merely the child of a North Carolina-based CBD manufacturer and North Dakota-based firm National Day Calendar.

The CBD manufacturer figured if there could be National Custard Day and National If Pets Had Thumbs Day (again, NOT making this up), then there should also be a National CBD Day.

So they stated their case to National Day Calendar, who’s in the business of promoting old and new national holidays through various media sources.

It was pretty easy. The manufacturer simply filled out a form on the firm’s website. Then their application had to be unanimously approved by a four-person committee.

Given the popularity of CBD these days, they had no problem getting that approval.

Of course, the CBD manufacturer understood the inherent value in getting a national holiday for its product. About 20,000 media outlets follow National Day Calendar. So that means CBD will see a big boost in news stories, product sales, market visibility, and social media engagement on August 8th.

This is the second year that National CBD Day will be recognized. It’s expected to garner the attention of a 100 million people; proving that one should never underestimate the sheer power of marketing and public relations.

The Perfect Reason to Try CBD

If you’ve been hesitating to try CBD, why not use National CBD Day as an excuse to try it out for yourself?

You should know that it does not have the psychoactive element that THC has. And it’s legal. More or less.

To be specific, CBD was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill. As long as it comes from hemp. The federal government defines hemp as a cannabis plant that has little (less than .03%) or no THC in it.

Therefore, hemp-based products like CBD oil no longer fall prey to national anti-drug laws.

That being said, the FDA still has a very tricky relationship with CBD. Particularly when it comes from the marijuana plant vs. the hemp plant.

So they continue to place restrictions on its usage in food and pet food. That means if you live in a state where marijuana is not legal, it’s tough to know exactly what sort of CBD you’re getting.

But whatever the case, August 8th is still the ideal day to celebrate CBD. And there are bound to be plenty of retailers offering discounts to mark the holiday.

If you’ve been curious about CBD, today just might be the day to see what it’s all about.

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