Are you familiar with reefer madness?

We’re not referring to the ridiculous PSA that used scare tactics in an attempt to steer unsuspecting youth from the trappings of marijuana. We all know what a hilarious joke that was.

What isn’t quite as hilarious is freaking out and descending into a nightmare of hours-long paranoia and anxiety. And this can happen when a cannabis newbie is given too strong a dose.

After such an experience, there’s a pretty good chance that the newbie is going to steer clear of Mary Jane and her crazy antics. This doesn’t bode well for a burgeoning industry that’s hoping for new recruits.

That’s why precise dosing matters when it comes to drawing – and keeping – new customers.

Lower Doses Are the New Norm

While 10mg has for a long time been the standard dosage, the trend among current users is to tailor their high starting with smaller and more controlled doses.

It’s very much like understanding the effects of one glass of wine versus those of two or three glasses.

The main difference is, every bottle of wine, beer or spirits clearly indicates the percentage of alcohol so the consumer knows exactly what they’re facing. (Or not facing, as may be the case.)

And because alcohol has been regulated for so long, most drinkers are able to determine which sort of alcohol and how much of it will deliver the effects they’re seeking. (Until they have one too many, of course.)

But cannabis is not alcohol. It’s an entirely different creature.

What Is in My Weed?

That’s the big question.

Cannabis companies producing edibles are not unaware of the ‘freak out’ scenario a new user may encounter upon ingesting too much. As such, they’ve become more adept at providing gummies, brownies and beverages with much more manageable doses of THC.

After all, it’s not intuitive to eat just the head of a gummy bear. At least, not for most functioning adults.

Yet even as companies are recognizing the need for more specific and lower dosages to score return customers, there’s still the issue of pouring through the countless strains and figuring out what their effects are.

Once upon a time, it was as simple as picking between the two major strains, sativa and indica. If you wanted to chill, you went with indica. Sativa would energize you. That was the understanding, at least.

It didn’t take long for the growers to start cross breeding the two strains and creating hybrids with unique characteristics. And now, most experts will tell you that plants have been bred so frequently that there’s almost no such thing as a true indica or sativa any longer.

Understanding Terpenes First

It’s complicated. But the way a certain strain tastes and looks depends on organic compounds in the plants called terpenes. They’re also responsible for the effects a user will get from the strain.

If you’ve ever looked through a catalogue of cannabis product on the internet, you’ve probably been served a visual smorgasbord of countless exotic hybrids with playful names and claims of their effects.

But they’re simply claims – backed by no empirical evidence.

The biggest problem with that is if a strain that promises an exuberant burst of energy subsequently leaves the user glued to the couch, the trust is broken. So much for a return customer.

Once researchers gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of the terpenes and the specific effects they offer for each strain, users will have more control over their cannabis experiences.

And this is what discerning cannabis customers want.

To Make Gains Now, Dosing Matters

Until there’s a clearer understanding of those terpenes, cannabis companies addressing the dosing conundrum will find more success than those unwilling to do so.

Especially companies willing to conduct studies on how their specific strains actually affect people. (This can be easily executed on Instagram.)

Because the reality is, while the global cannabis industry is expected to grow to $32 billion by 2022, its growth will sputter at some point without new users. That’s just the nature of all business.

And first impressions matter.

What Kind of Impression Are You Making?

If the growth of your own cannabis business is sputtering, it could be time to reevaluate your marketing strategy. Let us know. We’re experts in cannabis marketing and promotion.

We want to see you succeed.