Many of us have heard the “glory day” stories of what it was like to smoke pot back in the 1960s. You might even be telling the story.

As such, it’s easy to believe that Baby Boomers would be the biggest cannabis consumers. After all, they fought hard to make it legal.

That’s not the case though.

Millennials Prove to Be Biggest Cannabis Consumers

For now, at least.

According to research from Flowhub, Millennials take the cake (or brownie, as it were) for the most cannabis consumption. In nearly every state where cannabis is legal, they dominate in the 40 – 50% range.

Not surprisingly, the Silent Generation quietly comes in last. What’s interesting though is that Generation X typically comes in second, while Boomers and Generation Z are mostly tied for the third position.

That’s changing rapidly though. And it’s not the Boomers making gains.

Generation Z Is Fastest Growing Segment

A recent study from the cannabis data firm Headset set out to determine what was the fastest-growing segment of cannabis users.

Baby Boomers constitute only a 5% increase in consumption while Generation Z clocks in at 127%. Millennials are up 47% and Generation X at 29%.

It appears that the digital natives who have blossomed into adulthood with cannabis legal in many states across the country are pretty comfortable with marijuana.

This makes them a desirable market for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Knowing Their Preferences Helps

In marketing to Generation Z, it’s important to understand their distinct buying patterns that are different from other generations.

For instance, they appear to prefer flower and like to smoke weed over non-inhalable options. As such, they are the only generation to buy most of their cannabis in pre-roll joints. They also favor concentrates.

They also tend to buy products with more THC than CBD. This makes perfect sense given that CBD is mostly utilized to manage pain or improve sleep – issues that generally don’t plague a lot of Gen Zers.

Finally, they’re not all that big on brand loyalty and prefer to experiment with new products.

The Gain Is Also Highest Among Women

And this is true across every generation, not just Gen Z.

In states where cannabis is legal, gone are the days when you have to make some shady back alley deal to buy your weed. This is especially comforting to women who were at a much higher risk in having to do so. These days, any woman can safely walk into a retail store and buy top-shelf, designer weed without worry.

Even so, many companies are still not taking advantage of smart cannabis marketing strategies to appeal to women. And they’re missing an important demographic.

The Importance of Cannabis Marketing

Knowing the demographics behind who are the biggest cannabis users and staying on top of them is crucial for companies to succeed in this saturated market.

If your cannabis company is faltering, contact us today.

Armed with the information and know-how to navigate this tricky industry, we can develop a marketing strategy that will truly make you stand out.