If you’re looking for the next big business venture, the weed workout could be it.

But don’t start investing in a gym just yet. After all, marijuana has yet to be legalized on the federal level.

CBD has, however. And it’s starting to show up – in one form or another – in gyms and fitness centers across the U.S.

Could THC be far behind?

The Weed Workout in Canada

Could it be that CBD is paving the way for “marijuana gyms” once weed becomes legal?

It’s hard to say.

The stereotype stoner on the sofa scarfing Cheetos would lead one to believe that THC has no place in the fitness world.

But in Canada, where marijuana is nationally legal, there’s a definite trend in that direction. Yep. In a country where THC doesn’t send folks running, it literally does send folks running.

Some fitness enthusiasts swear that a little pot can help them zone into a long run on a treadmill. It also helps them push through tough workouts, while kicking up endorphins.

There’s even a yoga studio in Toronto that advertises cannabis use with classes. Students are allowed to show up 30 minutes early to use their own product. They are then encouraged to stay another 30 minutes after class to come back down.

Called Ganja Yoga, there are now 24 teachers in North America trained to teach it.

THC-Friendly Gyms in the U.S.

Even here in the United States, plans were laid out for America’s first gym dedicated to cannabis-empowered workouts. It was slated to open in San Francisco and members would be able to consume weed while working out.

The club was also planning to develop its own line of athletic edibles for pre-workout focus and post-workout recovery. Regulatory hurdles shut that plan down before they ever opened their doors.

A marijuana-friendly gym did actually manage to open in Colorado in 2017 though. They offered classes from kickboxing to Pilates. But city ordinances shuttered the business less than a year later.

So it’s obvious that, because of legalities, the United States isn’t in a position to offer the weed workout just yet.

But CBD is another story.

CBD in the Fitness World

Although there’s no solid science to back it, CBD has a reputation for being a natural anti-inflammatory that offers pain relief. As such, it’s become a popular more natural choice for recovery from demanding workouts.

Even the World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of banned substances in 2017.

High-profile fitness brands are now using CBD products for massages, spinning studios are selling CBD oil and body lotions, and exclusive gyms are offering water bars that serve CBD-infused H20.

So it’s making some headway. And its presence is likely only to grow for a few more years – slowly opening people up to the potential of segueing into THC exercise routines.

The entrepreneur behind the planned gym that never opened in San Francisco gives it five years.

And he’s doing a lot to lay the groundwork; including partnering with doctors to compile data from people who use cannabis while working out.

Is It Only a Matter of Time?

The weed workout could become a reality. Although it probably won’t be called that.

Whatever the case, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it may be well worth researching this now so you can get in on the ground floor.

Or on the gym floor.

And if you’re already a cannabis entrepreneur and running a marijuana business, check in with us to make sure you’re getting the most of out of your cannabis marketing and public relations.

It makes all the difference.